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  • Syringoma

    Hi all,

    I went to DRX clinic last month.i have skin coloured tiny lumps under my eyes and my eyelids.I used to think it was millia seeds but Dr tan said they are syringoma.It can be removed by electro sugery.But he said it might come back, and mine is not that obvious so he do not encourage.As constant sugery may cause scarring.Anybody here have done similar surgery,please advise.

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    Syringoma are actually benign sweat gland tumours and we don't really know why they occur.. Then tend to occur most your twenties, then less in your thirties and much less in your fourties..

    Removal of syringoma is mainly for cosmetic reasons.. They will usually not recur in the same place if they are completely removed. However, the problem is that if the surgeon goes deeper within the skin to remove it, he may also remove the melanin cells (cells which give pigment to our skin) and after recovery, you will lose pigment in that area and that area will be a lighter colour than the rest of your skin. If he doesn't go deep enough, then not all the syringoma cells may have been removed and it can regrow again in the same place..Even if the surgeon removes all your syringoma properly, you may still have new ones that grow..

    There are mainly 2 ways of syringoma removal.. Laser and surgical.. Usually which method depends on the operator prefernce and size of the individual syringoma..

    Hope this helps


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        Hi, went for a consultation at NSC today for my syringomas and was told by the doctor that even under local anaesthetic , it would still hurt and you can feel the burning sensation. Has anyone gone through this procdure, care to share how the experince was?


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          I went to burn my syringoma a few months ago.If they apply the anasthetic cream, the pain is minimum.However, some spots were not applied the cream.When he burns those, it is extremely painful.It took me about a week to completely recover from it.After the syringoma is burned, there will be black burnt marks.It actually quite ugly and difficult to conceal with make up.
          It was expensive and didnt clear my problem.But it is alot less noticeble.I think i have to go a few more times to remove it completely.Hope this helps