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    Hi,anyone using these products.....keen to try their products...please state what product are you using and the place you get them...TIA

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    i'm using their leave in hair moisturizer. My hairstylist asked me to get it after i rebonded my hair.


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      Im have been using their products for a long time already. Love their products. Though rather expensive but they save my hair. Stuffs I've tried:

      Anti-Ageing Shampoo (cant remember the exact name)

      Conditioner (Love their conditioner)

      Babassu Mud

      Leave - in - Conditioner
      Retexxur (Anti Frizz Spray)

      I get my stuff from my hair dressing friend


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        I've tried a few of their products and I think they're good!

        I like the moisturizing shampoo (green bottle). I like that it cleans my hair just nice and not squeaky clean everyday. I think it's too harsh to use shampoos that leave my hair squeaky clean every single day. I use the purifying shampoo from nexuss too once or twice a week, especially on days when I put more hair products (e.g moisturizers, serums etc).

        I like the nourishing conditioner (in light orange bottle). Fantastic smell...stays on hair, except that it's not good enough for my hair because I bleach/dye every 2 months, rebond my hair every 9 months, blow dry my hair at high heat everyday. My friends who have normal hair, rebonded hair, blow dry at low heat most days find that it's good enough. It depends on how much damage you do to your hair. I've since moved on to use babasu treatment as my hair conditioner. Works great on my hair.

        I love the Revitalizer (off white bottle). Extremely good! Leaves hair really soft and smooth. Not too heavy too. Sometimes I use it as a conditioner, especially for the periods when I just do my soft rebond. It's one of the best treatments in my opinion. I tried Philips Kingsley Treatment and I thought the revitalizer was better in terms of softness and silkiness whereas the PK one strengthens the hair and gives it bounce. I use Kerastase masks and treatments too (have tried most, if not all of them) and I think some are comparable while some didn't suit me. Somehow I still prefer the Nexuss one but I alternate the use.

        The clear serum by Nexxus is good and light! I like it! I used to use the glass by Redken which I thought was good but Nexuss is better because it's lighter. Kerastase' serums was in my opinion a little too heavy for my hair because I have rather fine and little hair. The Nutri Sculpt is not bad though. I've found a cheaper alternative - TIGI's After Party. Lightweight moisturizer...bigger bottle, can use it longer.


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          their products really so good? keke heard a lot of raves but havent got chance to try them..
          anyway how many kind of leave in do they have?


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            hi,may i know how is the price range like....TIA


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              how many kinds of leave in do they have and whats the price range?


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                The babbassu mud is my HG!!! It never fail me all the time.. My hair got damaged twice before after rebonding but i use the babbussu to revitalise them which works...


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                  which rinse off conditioner is good? want something not too heavy.


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                    any more reviews on this range of hair products? they're sold in salons only?


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                      any idea where i can find nexxus products? i'm looking for emergence. TIA!


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                        I've been using their Biotin shampoo, so far i'm lovin' it.

                        Got it fr my salon in FEP:-
                        Hair Plan Hair & Beauty Salon
                        Address : 14 Scotts Rd #05-87 Far East Plaza Singapore 228213
                        Telephone : 6250 6966

                        J, can try calling them to enquire.

                        Hmm... i think Quest Salon @ Raffles city also carry their products. Call Tel: 6338 8949 to confirm.


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                          hi caramelgirl

                          i rem u gave me the aromatic shampoo for hair loss before...didnt really work for hair loss too.

                          - is this nexxus one good, what do u like about it?
                          - how does it smells like?
                          - suitable for oily scalp?
                          - does it really curbs hair loss?



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                            yup love Nexxus stuff too. Using their herbal energizing shampoo aka Peppermint Shampoo for a long time already. Light but cleans well without drying out my hair. The Keraphix Creme Reconstructor is 'the hair treatment' ! lol.. Very effective, i use it with conditioner once a week and it delivers immediate results whether wet or dry. Bought my stuff from FEP salons, there are many salons there selling if i'm not wrong. HTHs.


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                              wella 1.5 shampoos for hair loss dries my hair out..never thought that nexxus biotin one will be good cause the packaging is kind off erm..boring hehe.

                              i thought of trying kerastase shampoo for hair loss next but now can consider nexxus!