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Sterling Family Clinic @ Bedok North

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  • Sterling Family Clinic @ Bedok North

    Hi hi,

    anyone went to this clinic before?

    I tried their treatment in 2003. Find that their skincare range price is quite reasonable. So last Friday i went back to purchase some skincare range (I am skincare freak Need to destress ).

    I was quite amazed by the price. Okay i bought 7 items:-

    Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula
    -Non-drying Cleansing Lotion 100ml - $22
    - AHA Revitalising Cleanser 4 100ml - $26
    - Skin fresher 100ml - $21
    - Ultra Light Hydrator 30g - $16
    - Chemfree Sunblock SPF 15 - $21
    - AHA Revitalising Lotion 10 100ml - $31
    - Small tub of Retin-A -$12
    ** no consultation fee

    This time round i see the male dr. Actually i prefer Dr Ong (Female Dr from this Clinic)

    I am using their products for 4 days, glad to say i really love this range.
    (I stop using Niks skincare now. 'cos want to try what's the diff between this 2 brands)

    Anyone tried this clinic, please share your experience.


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    this is my family clinic too *_*
    erm.....the male doctor is Dr Leong. I think Dr Ong the lady would be better.
    i personally find the skincare products overpriced. because i visit another clinic in the west for the same range of skincare products and they cost lower. Eg the AHA cleanser at Sterling is 26, while i could get it at only 22 at the other clinic. So i've stopped goign to Sterling though it's just a stone's throw away from where i live.


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      i thought this clinic has another thread? is it the same DR Ong we are talking about here?


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        nope cUp.. its another dr. ong referred here.
        dr. [email protected] north not [email protected], tampines


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          OPPS, i'm so sorry.
          anyway, are they both related?


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            I was given a sample of the AHA Revitalising Lotion 10 when I went to see my family doc for flu last week. I think I still prefer Niks Glycolic Gel at 10%.