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How to get rid of acne once & for all??

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  • How to get rid of acne once & for all??

    Anyone know of any good derm or plastic surgeons..where they can get rid of your pimples once and for all??

    or what treatments are there?? like skin resurfacing, laser, etc?? is it effective?

    im so sick and tired of trying all sorts of products..have been spending lots of money..i might as well spend it once and for all..

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    yeah agreed.. there's so many products, methods and etc. but its tough to find that one method which would become the dream solution :Doh:


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      hey **** i used to have acne too.. my friend recommended me to a doctor at bukit batok that's real good. and very affordable too. my pimples cleared up in about 3 mths time. if you are interested, can PM me and i tell u the details on how to get to the doctor.