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  • Wardrobe Surpises!

    What kind or sort of bath stuff you have in your wardrobe ladies? things that you use and bath with accessories, bath mitts & all kinds of shower gels, bath foams.

    i love owing many bath gels and bath foams and bath fizzs cos i use what my mood is and if i happen to feel like having a sweet tooth gel, i'll use vanilla or something floral if i like. a variety of bath stuff usually makes my day .
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    I don't have a bath tub since I'll never find the time to use it, so I don't own any bath stuff.

    My current shower inventory includes a variety of Philosophy shower gels, TBS shower gels, L'occitane shower gels. For scrubs, I have some from TBS, L'oreal, Brown Bag Bath and Beauty, Philosophy. Rather boring, eh?

    By the way, I don't mean to be rude, but if I'm thinking about the wardrobe you're thinking about, it should be spelt as wardrobe.


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      yup, i was thinking about the spelling too at that tie when i was starting his thread and i just couldn't get it right out from my brain so i just thought whatever that comes to my brain i just wrote that... now i know that its spelt wrongly, thanks!

      by the way, do you buy philosophy's shower gel online? and brown bag bath and beauty? i know that philosophy's got lovely stuff, their shower gels sounds to quirky and foody to eat them!

      anyone try L'erbolario? its an italian brand and they have a range of shower and beauty stuff too. i love their bath foams and the cleanser. their concept is similar to l'occitane but in terms of variety, l'occitane has got more. the store is at stamford house level one.


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        Yeah, I get my Philosophy shower gels online, I'm seriously addicted to them!


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          I have a few tub of body scrubs..for examples, St Ive's Apricot scrub and Totally Juicy Grapefruit Sugar Body Buffer...Recently, just bought 2 tub of LUX White SPA Scrub and LUX De-stress SPA Scrub from my bangkok trip..haven try them yet... I dun have bath tub too...basically using hands and sponge...


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            Originally posted by Jenine
            Yeah, I get my Philosophy shower gels online, I'm seriously addicted to them!

            which website do you order from jeanie? and how much did you pay for the shipping cost? how long does it takes to reach you?


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              Originally posted by koalabear
              I have a few tub of body scrubs.

              you dont need a bath tub for scrubs you?!?


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                Originally posted by Audrey
                which website do you order from jeanie? and how much did you pay for the shipping cost? how long does it takes to reach you?
                I usually get my Philosophy from, using vPOST. I don't have to pay for shipping to the US based address given by vPOST as I usually order more than enough to qualify for free shipping within the US.

                How much I pay for shipping to vPOST will depend on how many bottles of the shower gel I order at a's usually 2 or more, along with a host of other stuff, , so I can't tell you how much exactly I pay for shipping for my Philosophy items.

                Items usally get to me within 2 weeks with strategic planning, otherwise it would be around 3 weeks. The waiting part is usually from vPOST, is fantastic with their shipping and tracking system.


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                  cool. thanks for your infomation. What have you tried from philosophy? the shower gels i meant?


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                    I've tried quite a fair bit, mostly the food-y scented ones. My favourites are White Chocolate Hazelnut and Cinnamon Buns.


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                      jenine, have you tried Philosophy double rich hot cocoa shower gel?
                      that is seriously the BEST chocolate scented anything i've ever tried!!!


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                        Yup, I've tried that, but it didn't rock my boat as much as it did to yours.

                        IMO, the initial scent is perfect, but then the scent changes towards to the end and start smelling like plastic to me.

                        I'm glad to hear you like it though.


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                          sounds good, but is cinnamon buns smells like ... real spicy cinnamon?


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                            To me, Cinnamon buns smells just like cinnamon buns, the sweet bread that you can eat. Do you still remember St. Cinnamon? Well, Philosophy's Cinnamon buns smells just like the baking aroma that used to waft out of the St. Cinnamon store in Wisma.

                            I wouldn't call it spicy, Philosophy's Spiced Apple Cider is much spicier!


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                              oh yes, i remember the st.cinnamon stall.... the shower gel should smell yummy too.