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  • NIKS Facial

    Donez!did the intro

    Okie here goes the facial list given to me(its a long list):

    1 )"Facial for her"$60 (90mins)

    2 )"Facial for him"$60 (90mins)

    The above treatments come with
    -->Free eyebrow trimming
    -->Free high concentration Vit C/ampoule/Swiss Collagen Hydrating Treatment
    -->Mini eye massage
    -->Mini shoulder massage
    -->skin analysis

    3 )Intensive acne & scar clearing t'ment for chest & back $130 (90mins)

    4 )Moisture Surge Hydrating Facial $120 (120 mins)

    5 )Acne & comedone t'ment Facial $90 (105 mins)

    6 )Aroma Facial t'ment $90 (105 mins)

    7 )Rejuvenating & firming t'ment $90 (105 mins)

    8 )Stress relief Facial $90 (105 mins)

    9 )Anti-Inflammatory soothing Facial $80 (105 mins)

    10 )Glowing Facial $30 (30 mins)

    I will be heading for a facial ( not to sure which one to do..theres jus so many..heh) this sunday...hopefully it would turn out GreAt

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    Cool! Thats a impressive price list, thanks for listing them! After using the stuffs from Maple Clinic, i find NIKS is really not bad now! Cant wait to try their facial out!


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      Originally posted by crissielyy
      10 )Glowing Facial $30 (30 mins)
      Welcome, Crissie!

      I love the sound of this facial! I can't wait for your review!


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        i've gone for the facial. didn't find it that great actually. found ann, the therapist, massaging too soft and gentle. the facial is done in a little cubicle in the shop itself, so it's rather noisy and cramped. i could hear all the customers walking around and talking outside. didn't relax at all.

        urban retreat spa also uses niks products.
        heard that the ambience is a lot better, but my husband went and hated the place cos he was made to wait for more than hour, and his facial was dragged out to more than 3 hours cos the therapist was rushing around serving other customers, even though he had a prior appointment.

        personally, i wouldn't switch over to the niks shop facial or urban retreat spa from my usual facial place right now! a lot cheaper and better.


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          I did my facial at Niks Novena, yah the "ambience" is not that great, but I think Ann did a good job at cleaning my face, she is very gentle. I did the normal facial and I think $60 is really worth the price. I can feel my skin is softer and pores not as clog as before. However it's best to go often in order to see results.


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            jesting into Niks today. their workshop is cancelled due to poor response rate!! so sad...

            no pushover service from Ann. She did short introduction on their facial services.


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              Hi vernis,

              I tried their facial, quite good for $60. Plus Dr Ong did pass something to Ann. I think something to reduce redness after extraction. It helps to calm down the redness, so after facial no redness. And Ann will help to apply Niks Medicated concealer.

              Just KPO


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                I just went for a niks facial today.

                Chose the 90 bucks one. for acne and comedone something..

                It is actually not bad as Ann does thorough extraction too. Ann gave me 2 mask, and I love the milk and honey mask.. really smoothen my skin..The massage was rather light though.

                My face wasnt that red as she applied the concealer too. actually wanted to buy one, but too big a bottle, dont think i can finish it.

                Think i will go again for the normal facial to try again.


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                  Your review boosts my confidence on their facial! Will try it soon!


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                    Hi hi,

                    i Love the facial at Niks Shop. I find it good valude for $$$$.


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                      went to the facial about 2 months ago. I find the facial so so only. :0 ya, massage is a bit too soft keke.


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                        NIKS Facials

                        Has anyone tried NIKS facial services? From the most basic facial which costs $60 I think, to the higher range.. How is it


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                          ur welcome. Just went for niks chemical peel today, it was not bad, fall asleep during the massage. But if you prefer hard massage, it doesnt suit you. Plus the most products used during facial can be bought. I also bought a cleanser, Extra Rich Cleanser($3 to remove my make up. I find that Cool Camphor Refreshing Cleanser ($40) is not enough to remove my make up. Hehe. The SA recommened me another 1 as it also can remove my eye make up, but I prefer this smell. I find that the cleanser is a little expensive for what I am getting. Hmmm. Maybe never bought such expensive cleanser before. By the way, Ann sprayed vitamic C spray or something like that on my face during facial, I felt refresh and it smell . So tempting to buy, but waiting for some of my products to be clear before I get it. Any good reviews on it?


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                            Hey, what Chemical Peel did you do? Is it a normal facial? Didnt know Niks also does peels for people. How much is it? Is your face nice and glowy now?


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                              Chemical Peel

                              chemical peel treatment is $120 per session. The min is 10%, the max is 30%. I guess is AHA peel normally for acne scars.
                              Normally it includes
                              1. Cleanse
                              2. AHA
                              3. Mask (she put 2 mask for me, Honey milk mask and cant rem the other 1)
                              4. Eye Treatment
                              5. Eyebrow Trim
                              6. Extraction
                              7. Face Massage
                              8. Vitamin C Spray

                              Normally Ann is quite soft in massage, but I dont mind it now as I think for face should be gentle, unlike our neck.

                              By the way, I;m currently on 20% AHA, Ann say I can go for 30% next session as my face didnt turn red at all at 20%. But I started from 10% of course.

                              Hope this information will help.