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  • Decanting perfumes


    I do not think this topic has been discussed before.. (I hope not)
    I love my perfumes, but it's quite irritating when they do not last more than 5 hours, and I've to bring a bigger bag along just to bring the bottle of perfume along. Either that, or I'll end up spraying so much perfume all over myself and be this walking perfume-stick for the first 2 hours, only to have the scent fade away within 4 hours.. Any idea how I can transfer my perfumes to smaller bottles and where can I buy those bottles? I've tried unscrewing the bottlecap/lid of my perfumes, but I can't see to be able to do it..I'm currently using:

    1) Elizabeth A - Provocative Woman
    2) Anna Sui - Ooh La Love
    3) Lancome - Miracle
    4) Hugo Boss - Deep Red

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    I got my bottles from Sasa, The Body Shop, Muji and Daiso. They range from $2 to $12.

    The ones for Body Shop comes with a little funnel which I used to decant the perfume by spraying or pouring (if your big bottle can be unscrewed) into the bottle. If the hole of the bottle is big enough, I'll just spray the perfume into the little bottle.



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      For most perfumes, the only way to decant is to spray, spray, spray. The Sasa bottles are decent for the price. I used to use Muji, but they're expensive and can leak.


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        I've got my perfume bottles long ago from DAISO! cost only 2 bucks...EXACTLY like the ones you saw at push-carts/SASA. However the recent time i went, i didn't saw the glass one anymore. It's advisable to decant into glass bottles instead of plastic ones. as the Alcohol might "eat" into the plastic. Correct me if im wrong.


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          Saresha, me think spray is the safest & less contamination way too.

          Glass is better than plastic IMO. As plastic may contain chemical components that affect the original smell or as Cup mentioned, eaten up by some ingredients in the perfume. Unless perfume oil, they are safe to be contained in plastic bottles.

          IMO most Parfum also don't last any longer than EDT, headache ah


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            I was wondering how decanting worked a couple of days ago and found the instructions on MUA and here (an entertaining read).

            What is the most commonly used method by the girls here?

            I have a rollerball vial of Clinique Happy Heart which is very portable. I intend to decant into it when it runs out.


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              Originally posted by chewie
              I have a rollerball vial of Clinique Happy Heart which is very portable. I intend to decant into it when it runs out.
              Thanks for the link. Hmmm.. your roller refill sounds .
              so just pluck out the translucent plastic cap, spray in then ok right? perhaps i need go hunt roller ah

              i love my Eclat d'Arpege but it barely last me an hour :Doh:


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                Yes Vernis, I think so. But I haven't tried The size is really handy too cos it's not the long retail size one, but the small GWP one. I think rollers in general lead to less wastage.


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                  which type of bottles u all use? buy at where? range? i bought muji one and it cost 13 buck but is a waste of money.


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                    Before I posted this thread, I've actually considered spraying the perfumes into smaller vials, but I thought that probably 90% of it will evaporate into the air, 5% will end up on my lap and I'd be left with barely 5% in the vial, all thanks to my shaky hands. do you ladies manage to do it without wasting majority of the perfume?

                    Thank goodnes I asked you ladies first, coz I saw a couple of really nice looking bottles at Muji and intended to buy it as vials. Obviously, the prices of the stuff doesn't not justify its quality

                    Chewie: What's a rollerball vial, and where did ya get it?
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                      I think it's more worth it to get GWP sized perfume then decant into the sample bottles. The bottles are quite lovely as well! I hope it's possible for me to decant into them though.

                      I took pics of the rollerball vial. Take a look.
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                        Pumps n bottles to share perfume..

                        my friend n i are thinking of sharing a 100ml perfume.
                        anyone knows where to buy pumps and bottles to transfer half of the perfume?
                        i saw MUJI selling a pump n bottle set, but its sooo small.
                        anyone knows where to buy bigger ones, or cheaper ones?


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                          how about watson or Daiso? $2.00 shop.



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                            You will find some at Arab St shops, but the variety is not great. Better to buy online. Links to be found in the MUA link above.


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                              I am still using MUJI (glass, silver in color; comes with a cap) bottles. In fact, they do not leak unlike the ones from SaSa. Yes, they are expensive but be careful where you place them; defintely not in a see through mesh makeup pouch.