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Brassy hair/highlights

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  • Brassy hair/highlights

    I notice one problem w/hair coloring and highlights is turning orange. I tend to use a purple shampoo to pull orange. If it gets really bad, I go to the colorist who mixes a toner, but are there any other diy things to do to pull orange from hair color? tia.

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    try using a colour maintenance shampoo with the exact shade of your hair dye colour. I know loreal has them in brown, mahogany, black and red if I'm not mistaken. The shampoo has some colour dyeing effect and is able to bring out your original hair dye colour or at least maintain it to rid the orange washed off tones. Alternate days shampooing use should be able to achieve visible effect in a week. In Aus, i remember certain salons are even able to mix your exact hair dye shade into a colour maintenance shampoo. HTH!


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      other then l'oreal, you might want to check out aveda too and if you're going to use them, better to wear gloves cause they would stain the nails.

      i also have a bottle of l'oreal brown shampoo up for sale, brand new. PM me if you're interested