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  • IQ Mediral Platinum Skincare

    Hi everyone,

    I did a quick search and could not find anything under this topic.
    Please could you share your views on the product above from Watsons.
    Heard from the sales person there that this product is very sort after in Japan. Appreciate your feedback.


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    Got stopped by a salesperson at Watson, and she starts to intro this 'multi-purpose' gel to me too. This is what I found from the internet:

    Studio graphico is the developer, marketer of cosmetic and health care product for major cosmetic company such as Shisedo, Kanebo and etc. and has been supplying hit product in the market in Japan. Studio graphico judged to launch the original cosmetic product for our own, IQ mediral. Since July 2004, the product has been No.1 sales cosmetic at skin care department of cosmetic exclusive shop. Within five days, you can see the big defference of skin condition by nano-Platinum. This nano-Platinum will vitalize your skin by electrical potential.

    Wrinkles and spots by aging will be gone. Repeat order rate is more than 50%. This product, IQ Mediral, is developed just for rejuvenation of you skin by electric potential contained in this IQ mediral. The features of IQ Mediral are;

    1) Worldwide patented ingredient

    2) High repeat Ratio

    3) Developed only for rejuvenation of skin with Japanese major hospital

    4) Once you put it on banana, the color of banana won't be changed by oxgen.

    5) Safety is secured by two medical hospitals with clinical data

    6) Muti-purpose gel (Only two steps)


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      Hi many thanks for your reply. May I ask if you purchased the product?
      Need to check with those whom have tried it if this is really efficient.



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        No I didn't buy it because she don't have a sample for me to try......and it's expensive. S$130+ if I didn't see wrongly. I'm just not adventurous enough to try such a new product on my face without testing it first.