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  • Water 2

    first time i read about it was in non-no magazine, glad that Singapore is bringing in more and more international brands!

    i bought the "moisturising" cleanser and toner with the 8 days $5 voucher, they even deliver for free! the "moisturising" set is supposed to refine pores and eliminate blackheads, wow factors! made with hokkaido snow mountain water...

    tried them out last night and here are my reviews:

    moisturising cleanser
    it's a watery-gel type cleanser that hardly foams up, left a sort of film on my face after cleansing similar to those body liquid bath gel... but my face will "moisturised" like after a moisture sheet mask after cleansing

    moisturising toner
    a clear, watery consistency toner which smells a little funky, kinda like acidic smell or something. my face feels abit "tightened" but not in a harsh or bad way, more like the pores are closed up or something. a teeny bit sticky after feel...

    overall no side effects or visible results as of yet, will keep you gals posted after a period of using...

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    I saw the ads in the 8 days too and was quite tempted to buy too. How much did you pay for it? You just call the hotline and they deliver the item to your doorstep.


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      Hi Keymistress,

      Thanks for the prompt review. Do keep us updated ok ...


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        according to I Weekly this is supposed to be on sale at Guardian but I went to a few in town and can't find it at all.


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          You can find it at Guardian Pharmacy at Raffles City B1.


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            I saw this in Guardians too. I wanted to check out if they have any masks but sad to say that they don't have...


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              vienna: it's $24.90 each but there's a $5 discount with the 8 days coupon... delivery is free.

              citrella: they don't have masks and the entire range is not sold here... i read in the leaflet that comes with the products that they have moisturiser and eye gel too.

              after using it a few more times i feel that my skin is softer! it looks smoother after cleansing and toning but after i apply my moisturiser and sunscreen, the "smoothness" seem to be no longer there... perhaps it's still early to tell and too short a period for the product to work its wonders...


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                is this suitable for combination skin?


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                  there is a few different types and the "moisturising" one is for combination skin... there's a "hydro booster" one for dry skin, a "oil control" one for the obvious and an "intensive whitening" one... hths


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                    u mean u pass them the $5 voucher when they deliver the item?


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                      Originally posted by keymistress
                      there is a few different types and the "moisturising" one is for combination skin... there's a "hydro booster" one for dry skin, a "oil control" one for the obvious and an "intensive whitening" one... hths
                      I only see the moisturising type in Guardian (Raffles City). But I bought mine 1 year ago in Hong Kong for 110 HKD. If I am not wrong, I remember seeing the paper mask in HK but not there.


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                        tarotsgirl: actually they didn't check and just invoiced me the after-discount price...

                        smerlene: you can order via phone for the other types, so far the Guardians i've visited don't even carry water2...


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                          Water 2

                          Has any one heard of this brand?? ( Water 2 )

                          Heard its not launched in Sg yet?


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                            I think this brand is available in Hongkong's manning (Guardian).


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                              It's available in Singapore, I just bought an Intensive Whitening Cleanser from Guardian at Great World City last night.

                              They have a range of 4 cleansers, but I only saw the Oil Control and Intensive Whitening cleanser and a Toner there...
                              the website is Water2 website here.

                              It's a non-foaming gel cleanser, and not stripping at all! So far (and i've only used it twice), I think it's really gentle, and leaves my skin soft and hydrated.