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    Has anyone tried this shampoo and conditioner?

    It is known that Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston use them, that's why their hair is so shiny!

    I bought the shampoo and conditioner but have not tried them yet.

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    Tried the shampoo (normal one), my hair felt quite dry after that. Must follow up with a conditioner.Also there is very little lather, so it feels as though you didn't really was your hair with any shampoo. Not sure if that's a good thing

    Btw it was originally a shampoo for horses. I read from their website that you can use it on your dog/cat as well


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      Heard from a listener of 93.3 that the shampoo actually make hair grow much faster. I am keen to try it, maybe on my cat first


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        saw this at watsons... packaging looks alot like pet's shampoo... not sure if i want to use this on mine own hair.. :roll:


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          that's why i hesistated!!
          saw on the label

          For human use: wet hair, blah blah blah

          ... and at the bottom

          For animal use: wet whole animal, blah blah blah

          That's for the normal one, but on the deep conditioning one, the label only comes with instructions for human. So I think I'll give that one a try


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            I gave up on the shampoo, even with conditioning it still feels weird. Back to my old brand.


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              Oops. Been meaning to try this shampoo but guess I should save my pennies.


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                How much does it cost?


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                  Hey, I used it for couple of weeks and I love it soooooo much!! Smells great and leave my hair really moisturised. Much Much better than my Loreal ones. Maybe abit too oily for those with normal hair and want to wash their hair every two days but my dry hair is just nice for it. I am using Deep moisturising shampoo and deep moisturising conditioner as well.

                  If not wrong, is $13 plus from watsons.


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                    Oh, I can't tell if my hair grows longer already. Seems to be but could be my imagination as well. Will see in couple of months


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                      Hey Nixxy, would the shampoo be suitable for dry hair with oily scalp? TIA!


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                        I think if you are careful and not let your scalp come in contact with the conditioner should be ok... I normally put conditioner until one to two inch near my scalp thats why it's oilier... when I don't want my hair to be too oily... I just put on the tips of my hair...


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                          Anymore reviews on this? I saw it on TV and magazines, very tempted to try now!


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                            Nixxy:Does the shampoo clean well? Thanx!


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                              just bought this fr watson's just now.

                              it's $13.50.

                              just washed my hair with this. I would say it's not those shampoo that lathers well. Those who are used to shampoo who work to a huge lather may not be used to this. I'm ok with that in fact i prefer shampoo which just create enough lather aka gentle shampoo.

                              Hmm... i have oily scalp and dry ends. I don't see any difference yet to my usual GEN shampoo, hopefully time will tell. But i'm glad it doesn't make my hair fall out like Pantene.