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reminder thread to prevent future breakouts

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  • reminder thread to prevent future breakouts

    there have been many threads regarding pimples, acne, whiteheads, blackheads, etc.
    but i was thinking by starting a thread stating down our discoveries about what actually cause our skin to suffer from "unsightly bumps", we can share our experience here and to deter ourselves from repeating mistakes as well as what nots. i shall start the ball rolling

    1) lazy in doing cleansing mask twice a week
    2) sleeping too little and drinking too little water
    3) can't use avene skin recovery cream in the daytime before sunscreen. it's too rich for my skin. :Doh:

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    1) lazy to put on sunscreen, make existing ance problem worse
    2) change my basic three steps to clinique 3 steps, once again make my existing ance problem worse.


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      I shall remind myself

      1) Don't wear make up to sleep no matter how tired I get
      2) Don't keep touching my face with my dirty hands (I always try to put make up so I will stop touching my face in case I ruin my make up)
      3) Drink more water

      If I can follow it then I think it'll be great


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        Stop picking at my pimples!!


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          Stop squeezing pimples
          Eat less oily food
          Eat more food (sometime it helps in recovery)
          Double cleanse so that your make up if fully wash off (sometime just too lazy)


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            - To cleanse off all my makeup properly before i conk out in bed
            - To take my Vitamin C pill faithfully everyday
            - To drink more water cos air-conditioning in office's very drying
            - To apply moisturiser faithfully all the time
            - To wear my new clothes & not just buy & keep hoarding & wearing the same old stuff over & over again (bad habit :Doh: )
            - To eat more vegetables & fruits
            - Not to skip meals
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              LOL, great thread!

              - Stop pick zits and scabs!
              - Eat wisely and less fast food
              - Hydrate with water throughout the day
              - Remove makeup thoroughly
              - less oily food and more vegetables
              - have to pick up the habit of eating fruits!
              - Exercise every weekend


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                :shout: don't squeez pimples
                :shout: don't sleep late
                :shout: don't touch my face with hands