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Bali Wedding & My 1st Wedding Anniversary

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  • Bali Wedding & My 1st Wedding Anniversary

    Came back from Bali, Isle of Gods after attending the wedding of my DH's best friends. Our friends had their wedding on the 6/7/08 at The Samaya Villas. It was simply gorgeous! Beautiful sunset solemnization followed by a beach dinner party. The wedding was very different from the usual, I guess it's because of the culture and guests (mainly Dutch, Europeans and some Indonesian Chinese), people were very spontaneous, lotsa hugging, toasting and dancing. The band was also superb.

    It was like my dream wedding almost. DH and I had wanted a beach wedding but weather's simply too hot in Singapore. Weather in Bali was perfect with the accompanying sea breeze.

    Setting for the solemnization A

    Setting for the solemnization B

    Gorgeous view

    Lovely bride and funky groom

    DH & me at Breeze... DH was the bestman

    Venue setting was very tropical, welcome coconut drink

    Personalized wooden tags as placecards

    Bride & Groom

    1st dance by the couple, both are also accomplished salsa dancers

    Highlight of the wedding - Fireworks !! Awesome!! Really long display..

    I also threw in some photos of my 1st wedding anniversary with DH. He brought me to Four Seasons PJ's. Food was not bad with a nice sunset to boot. I was really quite surprised when DH told me he planned it 2 months ago with our ex wedding coordinator from Four Seasons SG. The place is casual so i was a tad overdressed. I had thought DH was bringing me to KuDeTa. *hee*

    View from our table

    Sunset from our table

    At the lazing area after dinner

    Some other random photos...

    Totally unedited! Gorgeous hotel beach...

    Me acting cute...pardon the eyebags & bad skin. I only had sunblock on..

    I really dig the was as big as the bedroom...
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    havent caught your last sentence and i was thinking of what to post already. Wanted to ask you where did you do your hair!!! haha...looks really good! especially the fringe part.. another beautiful lady..


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      your hair looks really healthy & shiny! it must feel very light after the rebond.. and yup, I agree on the fringe. you've got very pretty eyes, by the way!
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        So pretty! The make up so so natural and well post more girl


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          wow, so pretty!! and i agree that the fringe are nicely done..


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            Looking good, Alya! You can take edgy fringe well (old avatar)!


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              Alya! Long time no see!


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                You've got flawless skin! Nice! I like that way your makeup looks so natural!


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                  Love your hair! It looks so natural. Is this the 1st time you rebonded it? Gotta agree you've got flawless skin too!


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                    thank you ladies!
                    my rebonded hair is growing out now.hope it doesn't turn fizzy so soon.
                    I'm lazy when it comes to MU experimenting.

                    I hope to do smoky eyes but always end up looking i looked punched in the eye. Bf thinks my MU is 'so natural' that it looks non-existent.....*hehe*

                    i hope to post more too! esp with bolder MU :roll:
                    thanks for all the comments and I look forth to learning from everyone


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                      where did you do your rebonding and whats the damage done?


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                        You look so sweet & pretty!!!


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                          You look simply gorgeous. If I am a guy, I will and send . I will simply fall in

                          Where did you do your hair?? They look so silky silky smooth!!


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                            woah.. your hair is so silky smooth..
                            if i had not read thru cotters' post, i won't know there's so many agreed on this.. lol.


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                              thanks for the compliments ladies.

                              got my hair done cheaply at Bishan
                              been patronizing him for 2 years now .
                              it cost me only $120+ for rebond and treatment
                              i usually just use the Loreal serum alternate with TNS Hair conditioner spray.
                              i dun think it looks so silky in real life though.wahwhawhahw