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    This is one tried and true etailer!! I love her stuff so much so I decided she should get her own thread !!

    Bath and Body fanatics should not miss out on Nadia (person who owns the etailing business). The soaps are fantastic, better than pretty much everyone I've tried, very nice and moisturizing with very true scents!

    Another item that I like from Nadia are her EDPs that last and last and are of great value!!

    She's having a sale in July when she opens again! Anyone else here tried her stuff besides Julia and I??

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    Hey Jean! Have you tried any of her EDPs from the chocolate range? They sound irresistably delectable *drools*


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      Hi Grace, not yet! But I've tried her Hanae Mori EDP and it's lovely!! I think most of Nadia's stuff is of great quality anyway!!


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        Jean... YAY finally GLS has her own thread... I her soaps and EDP just like Jean... Great unique scents and she'll have more new scents listed in her page...

        She is very serious in her packaging... even her EDP samples are beautifully labelled... She also throw in some EDP samples for us to try... Top notch quality and customer service... I'll order for the next sale for sure...

        My favourite so far are Lait Sucre, Amour de Cacao, Pot O Honey, Coconut Pear, Tropical Vacation, Milk & Honey. Thinking to get full size EDP in any of those


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          Hi Grace, you might want to try her White Chocolate... there are so many raves on this. I have the soap in Sweet Indulgence.. haven't used it but the chocolate scent is very true to my nose

          Originally posted by grace
          Hey Jean! Have you tried any of her EDPs from the chocolate range? They sound irresistably delectable *drools*


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            My goodness. These sound so good..

            Amour de Cacao (type) NEW! - an elegant fragrance confection! A bright start is an orange zest note, followed by middle notes of warm, unsweetened dark chocolate, vanilla and star fruit; and ending with base note of the cocoa bean. (Those who have tried this, how different is it from the CSP version?)

            Cafe Noisette -signature- rich hazelnut mocha... Wake me up in the morning!

            Chocolate Desir -signature- tasty! Chocolate with a dash of almonds and cherries in creamy background

            Magia de Mango -signature- oh, the Magic of tropical paradise! Sweet, juicy, mouthwatering mango, mixed with tangy orange and guava - irresistible!

            Mango Milkshake - delicious, juicy mango milkshake, with aroma of freshly cut mangoes, sweet cream and a hint of citrus and spice. Softer fragrance compare to our Magia de Mango.

            Sweet Vanilla - warm, rich, creamy, sweet vanilla with a touch of Kentucky bourbon to bring out the luxuriance of the vanilla bean. Like a smooth vanilla custard!

            Vanilla Bean - just a realistic vanilla bean - very close to vanilla extract

            Vanilla Ice Cream - delicious, creamy and rich - homemade ice cream in the bottle! And you know it's the best ice cream ever!

            Wild Strawberry - finally, a fresh, wonderful, pure strawberry! Juicy, mouthwatering and realistic!


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              LOL Julia! I'm planning to order from her in July when she reopens with a sale! So anyone who wishes to join in please hop on!

              Yea her descriptions are great right? I'm really curious about the Joy and Escada dupes! Also my favourite scents are Hanae Mori, Pear blossom, Dune and Lily Mango!


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                where are the products from?


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                  The products are from the US.


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                    Sounds like a lovely site! I would love to try the soap sampler set!


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                      Hey girl! You can find the EDPs under this link:

                      Just scroll down! hths!


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                        oh my! so tempting! I'm eyeing their peachy scents

                        Perfect Peach - summer peach, realistic and juicy, like a fresh peach ready to pick off the tree. Not sweet and candy-like, as most of peach scents - in this one you can smell the fresh fuzzy peach in your hand...


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                          do they ship internationally?


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                            They do, but it's probably expensive. I was thinking of going through the usual vpost route I'm so game for this! If there are people interested I'll open a spree!


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                              Sounds great jean! I am just wondering how the shipping would be like, it would be via weight?