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Vecua make-up and skincare (by Sony CP Laboratories)

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  • Vecua make-up and skincare (by Sony CP Laboratories)

    Just read from TODAY (30 June 2005), that electronics giant SONY has launched a make-up and skincare range in Singapore. The article is as follows:

    Get all your skincare and make-up needs met at the Face Bistro

    Pearlyn Tham
    [email protected]

    Don't expect to be served food and drinks at Face Bistro. Instead, treat your skin and senses to a wide array of make-up and skincare.

    "We chose the name bistro because we wanted to highlight the fact that we provide personal service, like what you would get at a bistro," Dily Wang, beauty consultant at Face Bistro, told Today.

    That aside, another selling point of Face Bistro is it will retail the Vecua product range by Sony CP Laboratories. Yes, this is the make-up and skincare arm of electronics giant Sony.

    Priced between $20 and $300, the products are formulated with Pico water. This skin-nourishing water - trapped under snow-capped mountains for about 40 years - is processed at Sony CP Laboratories' factory and research and development centre in Shizuoka Prefecture near Mount Fuji.

    According to Wang, this Pico water-based skincare is ideal for our humid climate as it is lightweight and non-greasy.

    The make-up collection consists of items such as nail polishes, lipsticks and blushers. While Sony CP Laboratories' skincare and make-up have been sold in Japan, Hong Kong and Korea, this is the first time they will be available here.

    Face Bistro will also have four facial beds and two private rooms with attached bath facilities for body treatments.

    Wang, a make-up artist for 18 years, explained that staff will not simply be selling products at the counter.

    "It's also our philosophy to educate the customer on using skincare and doing make-up. At Face Bistro, we believe in combining quality products with good service and knowledge," she said.

    What's also interesting is Face Bistro's "keeping system". When you purchase a product, you can store it in personalised shelves for use during facials or spa treatments. According to Wang, this helps customers save money.

    For example, the usual cost of a facial session is about $80, but if you become a "keep member" by buying four products, the facial will only cost about $30 as you are using the products that you bought.

    Face Bistro is at 29C Lorong Liput in Holland Village.

    That really surprises me. I've known of salons using the "keeping system" but have never heard of Vecua. Has anyone heard of that or tried their products and services?

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    I didnt really try their stuffs before, only on hand, so not counted. Face Bistro has nice bright ambience. Think they are giving trial facial now too


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      Is there any website address for Face Bistro? Tried doing a search but nothing came up..


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        Is still new, thus no website yet.


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          Oh, ok. Thanks

          Was wondering if anyone knows about their facial or spa services? The price range and what kind of facial services do they provide?


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            Dily Wang? Name sounds familiar... what was the name of that cosmetic shop that closed down opposite Nike Wheelock? Same person?