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    Hi everyone

    Just wanted to share a new skin rejuvenation treatment that I tried yesterday. I've tried Cooltouch and IPL in Singapore, and I was quite pleased with that, but I find this new light treatment (called Omnilux Revive) is really good, cheaper than Cooltouch and IPL and has faster results. It is a non-invasive light treatment and does not use lasers. The purpose is to reduce the visible signs of aging and rejuvenate skin.

    Here is what happened:
    After cleansing the therapist covered my eyes with goggles. The light is pure red light and has no harmful UVA or UVB or infrared light so it wouldn't harm the eyes or skin, but the goggles are just worn for comfort, as the light is quite bright at first. The light, produced by light emitting diodes, is pure red light at the right dose and intensity. So basically you lie on the bed, and the lamp is positioned over your face for 20 min. The sensation is a bit like sitting under the sun - as in, you experience that kind of warmth, bathing your face - but there is no harmful UV rays. (And none of the painful snapping sensation from Cooltouch!) Immediately after the treatment, my skin was amazingly firmer, hydrated, and the scars (I am very acne prone) seemed further along in the healing process! My husband noticed the firmness too. No downtime at all. The main effects of plumpness is suppose to last a few days, and you're suppose to have regular treatments (at least 3 days apart) to see prolonged results. My main aim right now is to lighten my acne marks so I'm hoping with a course, it will help!

    There is also another version of this light therapy, Omnilux Blue, which uses blue light and this is used for acne prone skin. Some people alternate treatments between red and blue light to get maximise the effects.

    Before I ramble on any further, if you're interested you can go to the following websites which have more information:
    (this is the website of the salon where I did it, and it has some magazine reviews of the treatment)
    (this is the manufacturer's website, look under Products for Omnilux Revive and Omnilux blue).

    I'm residing in Sydney now, so not sure if its available in Singapore yet. If it is, can someone please let me know? Thanks!

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    Thanks for the info!
    I m really interested to try this treatment too for my acne prone skin with scars. I heard only good reviews about it. I also saw that sorta like equipment are sold on ebay so you can do at home but its kinda pricey and dont know if it is as good as the one they use in salons. How much did you pay for a treatment? How many treatments are there averagely needed?


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      Hi wyang83

      I paid AUD100 for one session, but it'll be cheaper if I get a package, which I'm planning to do. Most of the stuff I read recommended a series of 9 treatments, done not too far apart, and thereafter one treatment every 4-6 weeks for maintenance. Notice your location is Belgium - have you found this treatment there? I'm sure it would be in salons and clinics i Europe since Omnilux is a UK company.


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        Wow 100 AUD thats quite a lot for one treatment, thats more than 60 Euros. It seems like you have to do quite a few treatments too.
        I have found that there is only one person who does this treatment in Belgium, but its a bit too far from where I live, an hour drive.
        I m really considering to get the machine then can do at home, they are sold online or at ebay for 200USD.


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          I wonder if the one you found on eBay costing US200 would reap the same effects though, cos the Omnilux version costs several thousands of dollars, which is why salons charge that much because they have to cover the cost. Do your research well before bidding! What made me think that AUD100 was all right for a trial was because a facial would cost AUD75, and the light treatment reaped more benefits than a facial did! So I've decided to get the light treatment package, to bring down the individual treatment cost, and cut back on facials.