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Broken / Smashed makeup

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  • Broken / Smashed makeup

    -- deleted ---
    Last edited by denise; 09-09-2008, 03:02 PM.

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    Hi denise

    Don't fret! I found a link for you created by a lovely MUA swapper. Click here for the article :thumps:


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      I used the alcohol method before and it worked!


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        -- deleted ---
        Last edited by denise; 09-09-2008, 03:03 PM.


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          You're most welcome, denise


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            Hi denise,

            if you haven't already fixed your e/s, I do this with mine: I wrap a small piece of clingwrap around my finger, and then I "push" as much of the broken e/s bits into the pan, then I use the wrapped finger to firmly press it back in. That's all!


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              I just used alcohol which is common in the market. It said that it's 75% isopropyl alcohol. I added a little alcohol, then mixed with the eyeshadow to make a paste. After that, I gently pressed the eyeshadow paste over a piece of tissue. THen I used a hair dryer to evaporate the alcohol inside.


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                Broken Makeup

                I just dropped my new Becca pressed powder compact on the floor and watched it break into a million pieces.

                I tried to salvage what was left, but the traces are still evident and left unswept.

                Any similarly depressing stories to share??


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                  You could try to salvage it by mixing the powder with some rubbing alcohol, press down with your finger wrapped in some cling wrap (for hygiene sake) to get back the shape.


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                    But I heard that alcohol may dry up the powder. :huh:


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                      Originally posted by Satinchris
                      But I heard that alcohol may dry up the powder. :huh:
                      I do it with my e/s and it hasn't affected them adversely. However I did read that sometimes you may want to combine a little oil (can't recall what kind!) for the moisture. Anyone knows?


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                        Vaguely recall we have discussed this topic before. Have merged earlier discussion. I think Ariel has attached link to a pretty good article. Hope that helps Burntpinkhair


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                          poor burntpinkhair!

                          sad story to share - i opened my TLC loose powder tin can and at least one gram of powder just splattered on my dressing table!!!! at least $10 gone!!!

                          btw TLC has #@$%^~^ packaging!!! how to open it without wasting any powder!!!


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                            1 GRAM!

                            you know, when i open cans or containers like these, i actually hold my breath. just in case.


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                              Here's what I do when I open the TLC tin:

                              Lay a clean sheet of paper on the table so that any spills can be reused. Tap the lid of the tin several times so that any powder trapped at the top can settle down. Open slowly........

                              Finally, transfer the powder in a loose powder container so that you can minimise the number of times opening the tin.

                              The tin is so pretty but useless :piss: