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    Hi Girls,

    need some help/advise ..

    I have very very dry skin.. so cream eye shadows work best for me!

    Do you have any particular brands to reccomend? I don't see many cream based eye shadows around...

    Another thing is, i'm desperately looking for Loreal's ColorFresco in Champagne Bubbly ... does anyone know where i can still get this? The ColorFresco range is fab.. but i don't see it anymore...

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    Hi Pinkishy,

    I've never seen Loreal ColorFresco in sg, are they ever here? The only cream e/s available here is Loreal Infinite though the colour is quite different from the US version. I would love to see that they bring in the De-crease e/s base. Heard its not bad.

    For cheap/drugstore alternative, you can try Missha and the faceshop.


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      There is a seller that sells color frescos on SG yahoo auctions, maybe you can search for it online.


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        IIRC, Loreal Colour Fresco is no longer available in Singapore. That last I saw it was more than 4 years ago.


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          darling you can still use an eye gel before you put on your makeup.

          Creams are harder to blend & usually cause the sweat crease after a few hours of wearing as well. I think maybelline might have some cream mouse eye shadows, not sure in SG yet.

          MAC paints & shade sticks too could be an option for you.

          If you want to try out Missha too has shade sticks are really affordable prices too! ($5.90 - $7.90)
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            yeah used to be here but it?s discontinued. I bought it when it was in S?pore, I didn?t like it, like most cream eyeshadow it had a creasing problem on me. Why don?t you try the new Loreal mousse eyeshadow? Or their existing liquid eyeshadow that comes in a wand, L'Oreal Color Resist.


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              I remember Shu came out with some mousse type eyeshadows earlier and Stila does have eyeshadow pots as well. I think most brands would have some sort of cream/liquid e/s. I know Chanel has some liquid ones; maybe you should check those out as well.