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Hairstyle for "Squarish", Broad Face

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  • Hairstyle for "Squarish", Broad Face

    Hi! I've had my hair rebonded for a number of years. Despite the convenience of this hairstyle, it really doesn't suit my broad and "squarish" face, which seems to be getting wider and wider with age Anyway, the 6-month lifespan of my rebonded hair is coming to a close, and I'm contemplating a new hairstyle. Nothing too fancy or hard to maintain, just a simple one, which is long, neat and appropriate for management personnel. Most importantly, one that would suit my broad and square-shaped face. All recommendations/advice would be much appreciated. Thank you very much in advance!

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    YOu can ask the hairstylist for a layered cut.... have a layered fringe too...

    THis will help you frame your face...

    And pls dont cut your hair to the jawline,

    it will emphasize the harsh angle of your face...

    Keep your hair shoulder lenght.....


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      this is the perfect thread for me! i have a round squar-esh face too! agree on the shoulder length part but do note layering at the sides might not be a good idea as it might add on volume at the sides which you do not need...


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        Yupp, i agree with Lola that too much layering on the sides will add additional bulk to the face...!!!

        But i think the hairstylist will know what to do because they gave me a sort of wispy layer to frame my face~~

        Not very heavy look but then again, my face have a weird shape...

        Its not round nor square nor sharp--


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          ohcura where did you get your hair cut? sometimes i do not trust what some stylists' recommendations... they always say layer layer and i know for sure that does not suit me...


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            Thank You!

            Thank you very much for your kind advice, Ohcura & Lola! I?m sure they?ll be of great help!

            BTW, just to share ? I posted a similar query on a Kimage Forum (Shoutz!) too yesterday, since I usually have my hair done in that salon. A kind poster came back with a fairly similar reply, layering and the whole works. She/He also attached a couple of pics of the recommended hairstyle, which I've included below. HTHs!

            However, I?m still quite worried though ... I tend to shampoo my hair every morning before leaving the house, and if I should indeed go for this hairstyle, I wonder if I?ll end up undoing all the curls.


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              The hairstyle's very nice. Chic, girlish yet can be matured....

              I also have a very broad face. Wish for a sharper chin. Not possible though. hahaha~ Yup so hard to find a suitable hairstyle. Dare not go for curls. I'm afraid I'll look "Auntie". Urrgghh... :Doh:

              But those hair stylists told me that curls will help to soften the protruding jaw (squarish face). Not sure if it's true.

              So... girls where do you all usually go and cut your hair?


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                Will straighter hair suit square-shape face?


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                  YUpp, i think straight can la..... Not rebonding that kind can already

                  My face abit the weird shape, not round not square.... mix mix n an extra sharp chin....

                  I went to the hairlink to cut my hair.... quite nice la..

                  Anyway, i think that kimage is a very gd hairsalon...

                  You cut your hair and tell me the results k.....


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                    oh, this has been a very long problem for me as well. :roll: I used to keep long fringe, now I cut it short to soften my broad forehead. Only choice is to keep long hair/shoulder length...which is sad truth. I wish to try those short hair style.hmm..too bad. =)

                    I think it is ok for us to do the curl. My stylist told me dont do the curl near jaws area, will makes us look auntie. Should let the curl lie around breast area.=)


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                      Oh my stylist tell me to keep my fringe until the nose area, have a side parting and later cut my fringe slanted fromto forehead to nose to hide the broad parts....


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                        Hmm.. I don't have a broad face @ all, in fact my face's pretty narrow.. But my hairdresser told me before that girls with broad faces should keep their fringe longer than the eyes & to keep layered, straight hair. However, it also depends on which part of your face's broad - i.e. top part, jaw line only or the entire face. HTHS!!! Oh yeah, long hair's a must!!! Cos short hair will only serve to make your face look broader..


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                          layered hair suits squarish face best...


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                            I did something which I'd hesitated for sometime. I went to cut my fringe. Now, it's straight across and around eye brow. Quite a great change. Not too bad but it's hard for me to maintain. I'm just too lazy to blow dry my fringe. hehehe~


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                              I hv broad, square face wth high cheekbones I think short hair is nice wth square face... my fav style... bob hair! The sides can hide my too strong jaw line