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    Yesterday, i was looking for a good pimple cream to kill the few pimples that i have on my right cheek. After reading good review in MUA, I decided to buy neutrogena pimple cream. I was over zealous when i put it on last night and the pimple cream burnt my face. Now, one big patch of skin on my right cheek look like it has been burnt by fire and its dark brown in colour. I am quite fair and the dark patch looks really obvious on my skin. What can i do to rescue my skin? Please help... TIA

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    Apply Aloe Vera gel, followed by a generous amount of rosehip oil. If you do not have rosehip oil, you can apply manuka honey while at home. It will keep the area moist and facilitate healing. HTH!


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      Oh dear I think you'd better see a doctor before applying anything. He/she should be able to give you something safe to calm your skin.


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        The Neutrogena acne cream is a lot milder other treatments such as the ones from Clearasil, but I still find it too drying for my face. What I do now when I see anything on my face that shouldn't be there is to heap on a ton of aloe vera gel. The one I use is from a brand called Fruit of the Earth, and it is completely free of all fragrance and coloring, which makes it extremely safe to use. It costs about twelve bucks at the Guardian in Tampines Mall.