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Redness after Facials! HELP!

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  • Redness after Facials! HELP!

    Argh I just went for an cleansing facial with extraction and now my face is all RED and looks like a war zone!

    What do you girls do for post-facial redness? Will it go away by tomorrow?

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    I usually plan my facials on my off day and I make sure I don't go anywhere thereafter. Just stay home. The redness will go away the next day usually, unless I am having a terrible breakout. My skin is extremely sensitive.


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      Usually my facialist will do a cold compress for me and it really helps to reduce the redness of my skin after squeezing the pimples. I also ask for gentle scrubbing because sometimes, some ignorant facialist will just scrub your skin very hard and it will hurt the skins that cause redness


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        u can try applying aloe vera gel which will help to soothe the skin.


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          Yeh i also try to go facial on days when i am not going anywhere else as my face will be all red. Anyway i also put aloe vera gel.. It helps to "cool" the skin? and stay out of the sun yar.


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            Same as what the cotters said, I would choose a day where I would not be going out so I can go home to "recuperate" from the redness. My skin flares up really easily and not to mention I am kinda fair, it makes all look worse! :roll:

            Most of the time the redness would go away the next day , that's what happens for me. I hope it does for you too!


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              hey girl,
              don't fret as i think its pretty normal to have the "redness" after performing facials on your face.
              i encountered the similar problem as you when i had my virgin facial session with a beautican.
              the redness should go away the next following day and subsequently after a few more days, you will see the radiance and effects from your facial session