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salon i near bugis mrt station

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  • salon i near bugis mrt station

    salon i is quite good somemore is cheap can try out treatment for $20 ,2 person each person onli $18..

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    The stylists from Salon i are very unprofessional in my opinion. went there a few times and noticed that they do their job in a very heck-care attitude. Especially the ah-lians stylists.. they anyhow dye customer's hair.. look very unwilling..

    as for the male stylists, i notice that they seem to only stay at the counter and look at pretty girls walk pass..

    The prices may be cheap, but i don't like their service personally.. If you wanna go there, look for a specific stylist instead of leaving your hair into the hands of some chin-chai attitude stylist..


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      i have the brochure handed to me at bugis mrt, so tempted to do dyeing there (i'm a cheapo! )

      any reviews regarding salon i? i dont mind their attitude so long as the dyeing results are good... :Doh: cos it's cheap and i have long hair~ (double )


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        They're cheap but yes they're not exactly very pro.. It's the one where the dustbin was right beside me at the wash basin while my hair was being washed and one girl was dumping rubbish into the bin (very long and possibly grammatically wrong sentence) :Doh:


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          I colour my hair there. And it turned out that the colour is very ugly and my hair become super dry as a result. Normally, when i coloured my hair, it *** be as dry.

          And what they state in the brochure is nt true. For longer hair, they charged more although it is stated in the brochure that the prices are for unlimited hair length.