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Mirror Hair Salon at Le Meridien

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  • Mirror Hair Salon at Le Meridien

    Hi ladies, Anyone tried this salon? Any raves? rants?

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    I tried it before. the stylist ping ping (dunt know if she is still there) used to be from REDS bugis. she left reds to join mirror (think she says is her brother or something). but it got abit expensive and i didnt go back for some time. anyone tried, pls


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      Went there on recommendation of my colleague.

      Haircut was done by the owner/director.

      Boy, I would say the whole experience sucks and I will NEVER go back again! :Doh:

      First, I was coerced into having my scalp examined and treated for oily scalp.
      Then, the director himself boasted and bragged his skills, talent, experience and awards blah blah blah :booty: :puke:

      Finally, they shoved 2 bottles of shampoo and conditioner as if my hair condition can't be salvaged. (Read: More coercing)

      End up my hair wasn't well done and can't be reproduced at home as I don't have the same equipment. (The stylist actually have my hair iron flat before cutting.)

      Now I am stuck with a hair style that sucks and I can't have it cut as I am trying to keep my length long.


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        No worries, i have the same experience as you before... But mine was at Scissors Hand at Le Meridien... The director did the same thing to me.. I end up having a horrible punk hairstyle that i have no idea how i should manage it... My at last my nightmare is over, i waited for at least 6 months for my hair to grow to the length i really want.. Never in my life will i go back there. AND like you, i went there via recommendation too