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    Wonder if anyone of you has gotten something from them?

    It's a new shop at Marina Square #02-341. Happened to stroll around that area after dragging my SO down to Carl's Jr. LoL!

    The whole entire unit is devoted to selling the brand, decor is in black and quite sleek. Spent less than 2 mins in there, cos he's waiting outside. Being the usual e/s junkie, i tested a few of their e/s and well... i'm quite impressed with the quality. The texture is soft and pretty pigmented. I'm already in love with 3 of the shades - ra (bright yellow), lime (a very unique shade of green) and another mermaid blue color. I saw the makeup on the MA, it looked very pretty!!!!!!! it's very pigmented also. It's more loud type of makeup. LoL!

    Prices is S$25 for e/s (pots) , and i saw they have glitter eyeliner (packaging similar to MAC's) for $27.

    Back home, did some research.... here's some background of the brand you can read more, apparently this is a Sweden brand established in 1996, products are made in Stockholm. There's a macromedia flash on the products available...

    Some pics i found fr MUA....

    thanks to meikei - MUS eyedust

    thanks to carrera - MUS microshadows

    thanks to Cleodelinda

    thanks to somnia - MUS eyeshadows

    thanks to Anne - more e/s!

    U girls can check this store out if you happened to be at M.Sq



    Make Up Store outlets:
    - Marina Square #02-341 T:63366828
    - Paragon #03-51 T:68875828
    - Vivocity #01-02 T:62760988

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    i the palette!!
    reminds me a little of MAC


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      I walked into the shop once and tested the eyeshadows. One bright green colour was really very nice! But I think it was out of stock.. wonder if its the Lime that CaramelGirl is talking about. Maybe can pop by again when I go to MS. Thanks for letting us know the price of the e/s!


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        yeah, i wonder if the size of their e/s pans are the same with MAC.

        If that's the case, my MAC palettes will be getting more tenants soon.


        I'm really impressed with the MUS e/s, esp ra (oh, what a name!?) think it's even more yellow and brighter than Shu ME yellow 330 and the lime (boring name i know) e/s.


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          I've visited the shop in Stockholm, though that was 5 years ago. I find the quality quite good, both e/s (pressed and loose) and brushes. It reminds me a bit of MUFE. The rubbery containers for the e/s can get sticky after awhile though, like Nars (unless MUS has changed them).


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            it seems pretty similar to that of MAC. and the price is about the same also. wondering how is the texture and if its lasting as well..


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              i actually visited the shop at marina sq on its opening day.. there are really very smart n well dressed!!! very pro make up artist feel.. but maybe thats for the opening day..the range looks nice, but i wasn't too keen after scanning thru the prices. almost the same as MAC.

              OOT, i think one of the owners is those rich indo chinese businesswoman/tai tai.. saw her on the opening day. maybe will go back again and test their prdts.. scully even better than MAC? hee hee


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                Read about this new brand from chinese papers. Its created by a makeup artist. used to teach and find that the colors he needed is not available from market, and thus, get his hands on creating cosmetics.

                The pricing is really reasonable and I thought its goig to be steep pricing. Also read about how wide their selection of lip colors is. Defintely going over to take a look soon.....


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                  i have been to MS quite a few times but never notice this shop! must really go and take a look. looks interesting.


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                    The green e/s is so lovely!! Must find a day to dine at Marina Sq.. kekeke


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                      I find the packing similar to MAC indeed. the colour range (e.g of e/s) is also quite a lot. But i find the colours r more n warmer as MAC is more earth-toned colours. I also find that the pricing is slightly lower than MAC. worth buying to try perhaps.


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                        do they have MU brushes??
                        anyone tried their quality?


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                          I've been travelling around Scandinavia for the past 2 weeks now and they're basically everywhere here. The quality is very comparable to MAC as is the packaging and the whole "feel" of the store/counter.

                          CaramelGirl-I asked some of the Scandinavian MUAers if the Micro eyeshadows are the same size as the MAC eyeshadows and she'd said yes they are and she even had her collection housed in MAC palettes! Here is the thread of our conversation:



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                            thanks meta

                            now my lemmings for their e/s just got stronger. It's a shame MUA don't have this brand listed. Product review is practically zero.


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                              You're welcome Yeah it is a shame that it's not listed at Productville yet but you could be the first one? I've decided to be true to MAC-I will not sway......

                              Cosmetics here are soooo expensive!! I just can't believe it! Ah well, I'm here to enjoy the scenery and not to shop so can't complain much