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  • L'Occitane

    now why hasn't anyone raved about this range; i like their shea butter hand cream that's much more moisturizing than jurlique and just $12! downside is that it's kinda sticky but i only use it before bed so i'm ok with it. i've also used their heavy duty shea moisturizer on my feet, leaves my feel really soft! and i wanna try their shea butter shower gel!

    other than that, i like the Vanilla EDT and the lavender stuff altho' the lavender range is so flipping overpriced; i bought like lavender oil for a couple of dollars at a monastry in france! :roll:

    my friend likes their linen water, she says it makes her ironing much happier

    any other recs?

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    I like the lavender-amber candles and wld love to try their other ranges. Also love their green tea shower gel, green tea fragrance and I carry their green tea pot fragrance everywhere I go. Their lavender range are great too. Don't like their shea butter, very hard to apply though it is moisturising. Tinted lip balm is not that great either I felt. Other than that, I have not venture much into this brand.


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      I have tried their Shea butter hand cream. Sticky but mositurising. Also a little difficult to absorb. Their rose perfume gives me headache. These are the two products that i have tried so far.

      Wanna try the green tea shower gel and candles you all raved about.


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        I have the Verbena ironing water & it smells so fresh! Verbena is such a great scent. I have the soap & shower gel in this scent too. I wish they produce more suds though ... I also have the shea extract shower gel - not ULTRA moisturising like I hoped for but the scent is pretty good - like those you get in expensive hotels.

        I didn't like the shea butter - too hard.

        The best thing I like about L'Occitane is their packaging.


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          just to add that they opened a new shop at ngee ann city, right between perllini and TBS


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            I've just recently tried the exfoliating shower scrub from the Olive Harvest line. It's been great on my winter dry skin. Have also received the daily face cream from the same line. I tried a sample of the face cream once and was in love ... since I've received the tube I haven't tried it yet on a daily basis ...

            I also love their hand cream ... I'm rationing my tube that someone surprised me with. :wink:


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              I tried the Hand Cream, Shea butter lip Balm, Hair Mask, Tinted Lip Balm and is lemming now for the Lavendar Candle... smells heavenly!!

              On the whole, i find L'Ocittane pdts quite good in term of quality and they have nice SAs too !


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                honey harvest body balm ooooooooo is this better than TBS body butter? i find that the body butters tend to not absorb and feel a lil' greasy but i put up with it coz it makes my skin *so* soft the next day


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                  Hihi.... :D

                  Does anyone noes if L'Ocittane ever have sales? I like their lavendar candles so much.. but sooo ex leh for a candle.. haha


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                    Their new range of Lavender skincare smells good and feels good on skin. Very light texture. I bot their face gel.. love it.


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                      I've tried the Honey face cream... and like it! I use it on some nights when I feel my skin is acting up, getting patchy and dehyrated. It is not greasy, sinks it fast... and u wake up with a little glow on your face. The fragrance is wonderful, though a little overpowering at times.

                      And did u see the honey soaps shaped in the likes of Bees?? So cute! Might try the body balm next. And I heard from the SA that the body and hair cleansing gel from the same range is real popular too!


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                        i just checked out the l'occitane honey harvest face cream - love love love; lovely scent and light texture. at only $39!!!! prefer this scent the body balm


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                          wow this honey face cream sounds lovely but thk goodness i m such a paranoid i don change my skincare easily. it takes lots of convincing before i switch any of my staples, if ever. i m just a freaky paranoid gal who would stick by her staples esp moisturizer faithfully...good or bad.


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                            Are the Loccitane tinted lip balms in pots or in sticks? I'm currently searching for a stick form! (that pref. doesn't contain menthol..)


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                              Hey debby!

                              The tinted lipbalm are in pots form. Just like their shea butter!

                              Cost $16.. and i like Wild Rose and Red Currrant

                              p/s: and i also like how your haircut brings out your cheekbones. Lovely