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Update 3rd sept & 9th sept. Company function.

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  • Update 3rd sept & 9th sept. Company function.

    Met up Jemay and Jess last Sunday @ Luxasia....wahahahaha

    Resting at Carls Jr...

    Trying to be funny....Jemay and Me... heh

    Acting cute

    Sweetie Jess giving me a kiss!

    3 babes...

    Going company function ytd nite.
    Just cut my hair...much neater now compared to the pics above...

    Close-up pics


    Base: PN sparkling eye in white

    MAC gorgorous gold and swimming.

    VOV white e/s at Brow Bone

    PN liquid liner.

    Lots of Clinque lengthening and Shiseido volume mascara for upper lashes
    Lower lashes using skin food mascara meant for lower lashes.

    TBS blusher in rashberry

    Lips...nothing...i hate lipsticks and lipgloss...

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    just realised my pics are rather big...

    sorry abt it! im too lazy to change the size AGAIN!!!


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      very nice gal!! sweet smile
      thanks for sharing.... which shop is that when JS tried her dress? like the dress on her!

      do take a pic of your eye MU next time to share with us.... looking fwd to more of your photos...


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        F21 tops always so low cut .. hee. But its ok, looks sexy on you.
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          Hey girl, you look Very fresh & pretty.. Pastel colours look really great on you.. Nice MNG white tube there too..

          As a suggestion, perhaps you can list out in detail the brand & name of all the cosmetics you used in each picture? If you can still remember, that is..


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            Pretty babes! May i know the place you girls go try the ROm dress? seems like lots of pretty dresses there!!


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              Pretty gurl!


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                you're looking really radiant and pretty!

                yeah yeah, i want to know which shop is it too
                looking for a dress for dnd lately..does the shop you gals went to, carry nice dresses in small size?


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                  shi, you may refer to here - JS' ROM dress:



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                    This lady.. She always very sweet & very cool... She always with lots of thing to talk like me!

                    Love you ! ! !



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                      For the dress is OOS... But they have many designs. Do check it out their webside!

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                        ZH is HOT HOT HOT!!!


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                          Dear Zh...
                          U always look so pretty!
                          Ur eyes sparkle and ur smile is infectious.

                          Sweet sweet!


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                            ZH u are so pretty!
                            i think u look great with ur new hair cut!! It suits ur personality completely!!


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                              Hi my new colleague! You look fabulous!