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iridescent lipstick shades!

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  • iridescent lipstick shades!

    hello all! i did a quick search on the forum and discovered there wasnt any threads on this topic yet. Ive a major lemming for super glittery lipstick shades now. i dunno if u guys can help me out. instead of glitters in similar shade of the lipstick colour, im looking for glitters of a spectrum of colours, err rainbow like?

    i remember a certain dioraddict lipgloss used to have that effect i wanted, but i cant find it on the shelves now. Besides, i much rather use lipstick than gloss since its more convenient

    hope im making sense here.

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    does Estee's Prism or Chanel's newer releases work??

    if not, must be some brands' LE range, nearer to Xmas, perhaps they go release.


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      You sound like you need Chanel Aqualumiere and Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal lipsticks.


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        thanks all! cant find decent looking pictures online. Guess ive to make a trip down to the cosmetics counters