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Makeup Mirror - what do you use?

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  • Makeup Mirror - what do you use?

    Hi All,
    I'm trying to find a makeup mirror for myself and one for my gf's b'day. What kind do you use? Lighted or not lighted? One side is 1x magnification, the other side if 5-7x magnification.

    Here are a few that I'm trying to choose from. They are all from Conair and all lighted mirrors. Any advice or opinions or other options are welcome. What do you find useful, beautiful, and or functional? tia!

    Number 1:
    Number 2:
    Number 3:

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    I have a similar mirror (without lights) from IKEA and its really useful (as Im also short-sighted ). I use the normal side for MU and the magnified side for drawing eye-liner. I will prefer it to be lighted though so that I can see the colors more accurately. Are these mirrors on sale here?


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      It depends on what you mean "here." I'm in the US. It's from I'm not sure if they ship to SG. It looks like they're international, but not in SG. It's not been easy to find the perfect mirror. I thought I like the oval one first be/c it's a brushed metal, but for some reason the shiny metal one with the white pedestal appealed to me today. They're all "lighted" - the white pedestal one turns on and off (and up to 3 different level lightings) by "touching" the base. I was thinking it would be better for non-breakage. Often times, it seems like the things w/turning knobs break first. The oval is nicer for the face - but the white pedestal one has an 8 inch diameter! Ugh........still can't decide!


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        Where can I buy these lighted mirrors in Singapore? :p
        I've seen some at Takashimaya Dept Store, but I'm pretty sure those don't have lighting...


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          I'm leaning towards non-lighted now!

          So, I've bought and returned 3 different lighted mu mirrors now! It wasn't easy to grab the mirror off the table and bring it into the bathroom, or move it around be/c it was corded. Now, I'm leaning towards a non-lighted one. Weird huh?! I guess if you have a nice "full spectrum lighted" lamp - it's good be/c if the bulb burns out it's easier to replace, etc, etc. It seems more versatile!

          I'm likely getting something like this one:
          or this one is nice too:


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            spbear: if you use the mirror only in the bathroom, why not get mirrors such as shown below. Much more convenient for you.


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              I use it in the bathroom, but I use it at my desk too. It's nice to sit and play at my new vanity set up. I decided that for my b'day, I was going to create a special "space" for me to play. Even though the vanity has a mirror, I like to have one closer to my face, and one that magnifies too. All vanities mirrors are too far away; it's nice to have a dual magnifying pedestal one too. Gee, so high maintenance! lol.

              Here's my new vanity.
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                spbear: cool I am also looking out for a nice vanity table for my future flat. I have searched and can only find vanity tables like what you have posted but I find the mirror too far for me to apply my MU; kinda useless.


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                  bumping this up... Where can I find lighted mirror in Singapore?


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                    Anyone managed to find lighted mirror in Singapore?? TIA!


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                      Actually I'm looking for a desk mirror and I simply love those from Conair. Anyone know where to get it in Singapore?

                      I know drugstore website do sell them but I'm sure the shipping will be way overpriced! I would like to get those plain metal looking with a stand so I can look directly into the mirror at eye level.


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                        Originally posted by HeatherSung
                        robinsons, howard storage and Daiso offers good variety of mirrors.

                        I am quite happy with my paul and joe mirror.
                        I second Daiso. They really do have a good selection of mirrors (when stocks are replenished, that is) and my pocket mirrors are all from there....

                        In fact, my desk mirror is too but it's not half as big as the ones from IKEA so :X


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                          Takashikmaya has lighted mirrors! I was so excited when found them! The one I looked at cost about $120. Go check them out at the Basement 1, if I am not mistaken.