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    just like to intro other gals to this FABULOUS skincare range. made in france, and unfortunately, NOT available in Sg. it's available in France (duh!), most of Europe, Australia, USA, Hongkong, Taiwan and KL (i think?) but from what i can tell, it's cheapest in France.

    The Caudalie World

    had tried a number of their products. most have a lovely scent! based on grapeseed and other related products

    i've been using these products for a few months now and i love them!

    - C20 Moisturising Cream

    A triple-action treatment: hydration, a radiant complexion and prevention of skin ageing. This cream leaves the skin soft, protected and radiant.

    really light, moisturising cream, just right for sg weather. was enough for cold climates 9-15deg as well. haven't tested it for winters tho. fabulous scent!

    - Instant Foaming Cleanser

    A shower of softness for clean, pure skin, delicately perfumed with Fleur de Vigne. This cleanser transforms into an airy foam with just one press for the pleasure of rinse-off cleansing. Soap-free.

    remember the old oil of olay foaming cleanser? this is something similar. pumps out a light fluffy foam which removes dirt and makeup (non-waterproof) v effectively without stripping the skin and leaving it tight.

    these i've only just started but they seem quite good so far

    - Eye Contour Cream

    Cocktail of plant active ingredients for rejuvenated eyes. This anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness and anti-oxidant gel-cream decongests, reduces swelling and diminishes puffiness in the morning. Ophthalmologically tested.

    - Fresh Complexion Tinted Moisturiser

    Very innovative skincare product for an extremely luminous and natural finish and skin that is velvety, hydrated and protected against free radicals. Exists in 2 shades. (FAIR/MEDIUM SKIN : REF 044 - MEDIUM/DARK SKIN : REF 045)

    love the glow this moisturiser gives to my skin! also like to mix it with my normal foundation to add a bit more 'radiance' to it.

    used to use this when my skin was still combination-oily but has since cleared up. passed it to my bf and he likes it for the oil control properties.

    - Vinopure Matte Moisturisng Fluid

    This hydrating and matifying non-oily fluid is a preventive response to skin ageing for combination skin. It protects the skin from free radicals and helps regulate excess sebum. An exceptional concentration of plant active ingredients, 61% in the formula.

    scent in this one takes a bit getting used to cos there's "Extracts of eucalyptus, pine, camphor, rosemary, hybrid lavender, geranium, orange, myrrh, cedar, benzoin and rose". but it does do the job well.

    anyone else using stuff from this brand?

    got heaps of samples when i stocked up on my essential C20 the last trip. will report on them later!

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    Hi, may I know roughly the price range for this brand of products? kinda keen on the tinted moisturizer and foaming cleanser.


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      erm....the tinted moisturiser is 19 euros. the foaming cleanser is 8 euros for the travel sized, 15 for the full sized.

      there're a few websites that do carry Caudalie.
      the caudalie website above does ship to singapore i think. but more worthwhile to combine or if you're buying lotsa stuff.

      there's too

      if not, try getting from australia, hongkong, kl?


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        Before you buy from them, you can actually write them an email to request for some samples. This is what i did and they actually send me!! But i have yet to try them


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          I just tried to order from the website & upon entering my Singapore address, it says free shipping.


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            Here's a video on what caudalie product Fords supermodel uses:


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              Caudalie Beauty Elixir

              i love this brand! so far the only one i'm using is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, which is kind of a spray on toner. I LOVE IT. i got it 115ml for 25 only from this girl who didn't want it... beats me why. anyway, she told me it was brandnew. dunno whether to believe her but there was quite a lot of it left. the elixir refreshes my skin and it smells really nice, although this could be individual opinion as my friend hates it... still. i think the 115ml retails for 35 euros, but i got it for sing 25 =)