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Judith August Cosmetics - corrective cosmetics solutions for serious cover

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  • Judith August Cosmetics - corrective cosmetics solutions for serious cover

    There's some posts in the concealers thread and Niks products thread but no extensive discussion on this brand. So let me start a new one. Teeeheee...

    It's featured in today's URBAN...
    Price range from $38.85 to $72.45
    available from The niks shop #03-16 Novena Sq

    Aptly named, Judith August Cosmetic Soluctions The Everything Pencil, $38.85, conceals almost every flaw.

    From covering up age spots to bruises, veins, broken capillaries and birthmarks, it even helps to soften fine lines and can be used as a base for eye shadow or lipstick.

    August, a former model in America, also dubbed The Queen of Camouflage, initially created the concealers to cover her own flaws. The range now includes heavy duty cover-ups in pancake and cream textures.

    Corrective Cosmetics - Concealers - Cover Ups
    Because you are unique, Judith August has designed all types of make-up concealers that cover,conceal and camouflage just about anything from simple to serious. Every product has been developed for your unique needs.

    Anyone tried any products from this brand? Do post your comments here.

    You can read more on this brand at

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    :Doh: caught glimpse of the pix in Urban earlier, thought lip gloss :Doh:

    *runs away*


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      yeah, it does look like some nude colored lipgloss, but it's a concealor dear!!

      I'm sooooooo tempted to try out the Everything pencil. The article and the website make it sound like a miracle product. But does it really deliver what it promise? :roll: I want something for my puffy eyes, eyebags and acne scars.

      Anyway it's US$14.50, compared to $38.38 here, it's a BIG difference to me.


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        All of our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, allergy tested, doctor approved, and cruelty free.

        Used and Recommended by Skin Care Professionals and Cosmetic Surgeons nationwide - :wow: This sounds good. Has anyone tried this before??


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          I tried at Niks before, it seems very drying to me. $30+ is affordable la. :booty:


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            i have some fine lines underneath my eyes.. hence it sounds pretty interesting after i read the article. anyone tried the pencil before?


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              seemed that we need more courageous and risk takers to try out new products. I'll probably check it out this Sat, but i got too many things to check out. :Doh:

              Somehow i have feeling with the writeout, the star product - Everything pencil will be swept off the shelves.


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                ha.. same feelin also!! do u happen to have the contact? maybe can call up the outlet to check if they have stock?


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                  here u go...

                  THe NIKS shop
                  Opening Hours: 10.30am ? 9.45pm daily
                  Telephone: 62380398

                  MRT: Novena Station, North-South Line
                  Buses: 21, 54, 56, 124, 131, 143, 162, 166, 167, 605, 851, 852, 855, 980



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                    thanks!! think i will call up to later on.. i cant help but wonder.. is it so good? because the price make it hard to believe.. and that its pencil not cream .. will it be very dry etc?


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                      If you can get a CP from the US, it will be cheaper. They are having some promotion on their website but only for US customers. For those in Asia and SEA, you'll have to get it from Niks, their sole distributor here.


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                        I used the Everything pencil for zits does what it says...helps promotes healing of zits but it doesn't conceal them that well...can still see the zits n scars faintly. There's a limited range of shades as well.