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Getting Rid of a Tan

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  • Getting Rid of a Tan

    Hi! Really need help. I got back from a holiday recently and the sun in that country is alot stronger than ours. Neglected to put on sunblock for everything else except my face. Now my arms are fair up to where my sleeves block the sun, and the rest are dark. It looks gross! The same happened to the nape of my neck which is now darker than the rest of my body.

    What should I do?

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    Getting Rid of a Tan

    So far, there isnt any way to get rid of a tan, now, you can only go tan yrself and make it even...
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      try exfoliating more frequently & using a whitening body lotion? also, remember to apply sunblock on your body now so that it doesn't turn any darker! you might want to check out these threads too, a search would provide more results

      All About Whitening Products
      Whitening Body Products.


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        whitening products help!

        and use sunblock and an umbrella!
        the weather is horrible in Singapore recently! :Doh: