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    Found this cute website that serves yummy makeup, skincare, bodycare and haircare!
    Unfortunately, it's not available in Singapore, only in Taiwan and Korea.

    Check out the cute website!
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    i saw this when i was @ Taiwan ~ Shi Lin Market. bought a glitter blusher, glitter l/g & eye&lip m/u remover. so far i have only used the eye&lip m/u remover, i find it so-so whereas my gf find it pretty good.

    the packaging is very nice and thats what attact me to buy from the store.


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      The skinfood can be found in shi lin and xi men ding in taiwan, bought a couple of thinngs like eyeshadow, shadesticks, nail polishes, lime secret base, lip gloss. I would say their eyeshadow are so so...colour not that lasting but there's so sweet shade they have. I prefer their shadesticks as compared to Missha ones...skinfood one is more lasting and easier to apply...colour is *** nicer...I think their hottest main selling products is the loose powder where they said it contains some kinda vitamins...its has been recommended by the Lan Xin Mei taiwan vairety show...


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        just do a check on my SF pdts its a [cheek color pan] think should be blushes.. hee.. didnt know their loose powder was good! else i sure to get 1. it was only opened sometime in April over there..


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          I love their packaging too! Especially those of the blusher with the cute little puff and the sleek pressed powder cases.


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            took a quick look at the website...the packing is so sweet


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              Skin Food

              This is another big brand in Korea
              Since Missha and Face shop has entered into Singapore, wondering when will it be skin food's turn?

              Some interesting products:

              Red Ginseng Firming Base

              Honey Foundation - 'sweet'

              Lemon Fresh 2 - way cake

              Cubic blush

              Lip Glitter Star


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                I read on MUA that it's opening at KL's One Utama soon. There may be hope for us yet


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                    saw this brand when i was in taiwan a month ago..

                    very interesting items that they have there. I went crazy in the store and bought alot of stuff there. Among the interesting things that i bought are a glittery mascara, color mascara, glittery nail polish....

                    i also bought my bf a couple of face masks for man when i was there and he told me that it's quite


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                      I want the cute little puff blusher


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                        i tried few of their pdts when i went to Korea and i prefer this over Missha and The Face Shop.
                        I really really love their Loose powder, eyeshadow, tee tree range (good for my combi skin) and milk range(neck & bust firming - good!!). My cousin used the chocolate range and she said it's okay for the price but definately better than Missha. Accessories wise, i like The Face Shop compare to Skin food. Face shop accessories are cuter

                        They just opened their 1st store in Malaysia. It's located at One Utama New Phase. Price range is okay better than Body Shop.


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                          Thanks for the review Jepunnye! :D
                          I cant wait for this to be launched in SG


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                            they have a chocolate range? does it smell of chocolate? hmmm the only chocolate thing i could find on the website is the cocoa lip balm?


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                              The stuff really looks good!
                              I cant find more reviews on the product at other websites.