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sn0wny's Phuket & Bangkok Trip 26 June - 3 July 2005

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    snownY!!! So don't look lia.n at all~ why put lian there? in fact you are very pretty....and your boobs, your skin You dont look like 1.58m also! i'm 1.55m and i think i look much shorter than you...When's the last time you measured your height?


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      Oh my oh my! I love boobies!!
      heheh,sorry for sounding like a pervert. But you sure look good.


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        cUp, last measure? Erm I think when I went for my poly check up in 1996.

        Oh no we got female pervert here all run


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          you look really great in your pictures! i'm not a pervert but I can't help but admire your ample boobies too!

          looking at your photos reminds me of my phuket and bangkok trips 2 years back! can recognise the scary looking super steep slope when going to Phuket town from Patong beach. Was damn scared that the jeep that we rented would slide backwards when we were stopping along the slope!


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            woah! have to agree about the fab figure too!
            i'm thinking of doing something similar, phuket and bkk!
            mind sharing how much u spent? and was it through a tour agency or DIY?
            coz i am unsure about how to move from Phuket to BKK.


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              You're one uber babe!!! Great figure & wardrobe too.. Show your face in future for your "What are you wearing today?" posts!!! Such a face's not meant to be hidden dearie.. Been lusting after your wardrobe for so long You look kind of Taiwanese.. You local? No offence though..


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                so fun!! Thanks for sharing!

                I loved your pics! I'm half Thai and miss going there. I'd like to go back, but there's just no time right now. Seeing your pictures was such a cool reminder of how fun Thailand is!! Thanks again for sharing!


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                  No wonder you are called snowy because you are so fair!

                  I find that the first pix which you posted of yourself in bikini you look a bit like Jamie Teo of TCS 8!


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                    pretty! both the hotel n u! =)
                    is the mrelim hotel expensive? was thinkig of going there too


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                      Thanks gals, make me so shy now

                      shazzerlyn, I agree. The slope is so scary and I don't really trust their vehicle but SO enjoys it

                      Alya, it half half. SO got tickets that transfer us from sg to bkk than phuket than bkk than back sg. The journey is tiring but cheaper than sg direct phuket follow by bkk. Accomodation is booked separtely. I had stayed in Merlin Beach years ago when they just started operating and love the place so told SO to book for it. As for Asia Hotel, not my choice but no more rooms. I prefer Amari Watergate. If I don't remember wrongly my whole trip of 8 days is about $900+ per pax including tax. As for spending can don't mention? Or else I will faint, my bills.

                      crazyshopaholic, i am local darling. Erm come to think of it, 1/4 indo blood. Dad is indo chinese. I take after my mum. Is that u in your avatar, you look good.
                      Are you very tall? You look slim and tall.

                      spbear, half thai? I love to go thai. In fact I feel that they are actually very friendly.

                      shu, nope not call sn0wny due to that but it is my name. Can read up what's your cc nick thread. Jamie Teo? Who is that? Sorry too many Jaime around.

                      chelsin, merlin is not the most ex but I think mid range. I am thinking of trying the Amari at Phuket the next round.


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                        finally post your pretty face already yah... reminds me, i've not since ray's face...

                        can i ask something, don't you feel uncomfortable wearing so low.. cos i always feel eye starring at me..


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                          Haha.. Thanks for your compliments, but photographs can be deceiving.. I'm not tall, only around 1.64m. Pretty much the average height in Singapore. How on earth do you tell that i'm tall & slim from my face only?! Just kidding..

                          I wish i can look as good as you do in those low cut tops.. But got nothing to show Anyway, where did you get your pink/orange floral top? Is it from MNG? It's very pretty!!! :wow:

                          Your Bangkok trip looks like it was a whole lot of fun.. Now i feel like going too!!!


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                            Originally posted by luv_shan
                            finally post your pretty face already yah... reminds me, i've not since ray's face...

                            can i ask something, don't you feel uncomfortable wearing so low.. cos i always feel eye starring at me..
                            Used to be uncomfortable but am used to it now. Anyway was restricted on my dressing previously so now like free bird, wear anything I like.

                            Crazyshopaholic, MAngo, where else?


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                              Saw this pretty lady @ Luxasia sale! So sexy somemore!



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                                Got pretty lady? Never take pix show us?