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Greetings from down under!!!

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  • Greetings from down under!!!

    some pics of my latest down under trip- Brisbane and Gold Coast! as usual raided the Ninewest and Country Road shoes didnt take pictures though, too lazy
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    Finally saw yours... what a wondenfull pictures.....

    hoilday was so great!



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      Great pics,love the ones of the cathedrals and monastery.The "kissing couple" pic could well be a postcard.
      You are quite the traveller!


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        thanks for sharing your nice album... you sure enjoyed your entire trip

        btw the real yummy fish & chips make me .


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          =) the nicest thing about the fish and chips is that it is a treat from the nice german couple!

          great experience to travel alone =) I love travelling, just waking up each day thinking where to go stress!


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            Linggy how much you spend for the ticket & the money you spend over there?

            Thanks for sharing!



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              WOW! great photos!
              Thanks for sharing.. would love to be there someday


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                You have beautiful pictures there! How long was the trip and where are the places you went to?
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                  I went with my band to take part in the compeition for the first 10 days in Holland (paid 1K for air ticket + accommodation--super nice hostress, most of us couldnt bear to leave her place and her yummy food!)
                  Following that, I went off myself to Berlin and Dresden (and a few day trips to nearby cities of Dresden) , finally to Prague (all by trains, cost me S$110) which I came home from.
                  Total around 21 days =)

                  But last year, I flew to London and came back from Prague. Cost me 1 K by MAS.

                  Money I spent there haha is really subjective to how much you shop.
                  For accommodation, I stayed in hostel so it is cheap, around S$30 per bed per night.
                  Prague was abit more costly around S$45 because I was staying right in the old town.
                  And I eat virtually bread/kebabs every day. hahah...


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                    Awesome photos ! Make me want to go to Europe again. I really envy you for having some many days of vacation leave. Looks like you meet a lot of people, right ? It is much more interesting to travel alone then in a group, I think you make friends more easily.

                    How do you find Berlin ? I have been wanting to go there.


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                      But you must be the sociable type to be able to make lots of friends hahaha especially on trains, you get to meet so many backpackers!!

                      I didnt really like Berlin in terms of safety, by 6pm, alot punks are out hanging around, they looked very scary with spiky hair, leather wear and boots and like 10 ear holes that kind?
                      The sights are also not that spectcular.

                      Hmmm overall, I would prefer the smaller towns of Germany, Dresden and its nearby towns...very nice people comapred to Berlin . Berlin's main station cant speak English, had so much trouble buying train ticket boy.

                      Hows your Japan trip coming along?
                      Oh Ali, you heard of very good website for travelers!!


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                        OIC I think I will feel unsafe too in Berlin with all those punks, think will skip it in future. I am dreaming of doing my trip to Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland all over again, waiting for my children to grow up so I can bring them.

                        I have read a few pages of while googling. Now that you mentioned, I went to look at the main page, and yes it has a wealth of information for travellers. Thanks for the tip.

                        I went to Tokyo and Hokkaido for 6 days only, because cannot afford to use up too many leave. Hokkaido's countryside is very nice and relaxing. It is quite similar to the European countryside, but a lot closer to Singapore. The hostel is very nice and interesting, they serve luxurious meals and have communal baths ! Would you bathe together with strangers ? I didn't dare so I didn't bathe hahaha I will find some time to post some pictures here.


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                          I love Japan...hahaha I did the hot spring thingy in Korea and Japan, very used to it already. But I definitely wont try the mixed one despite thats usually outdoor and wrap towel =p

                          In my opinion, Japan is one of the most cultural rich countries! I love the smaller cities such as Nygoya or Fukuoka but no pictures haha went Japan a couple of times when I was 13 to 16.

                          Yeah, I joined virtual tourist under Linggy too hahah but no time to put up my stuffs yet.


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                            I also prefer the smaller cities other than Tokyo.

                            So any plans for your next trip ? Will you do solo again ? Once you get married and have children, it will be difficult to do so.

                            I am still dreaming of Antartica, but it is going to set me back $9000 Still thinking whether it is worth it to splurge. But must save money for my children's education, feel guilty if I splurge, sigh...


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                              hahaha cant think that far yet but year end i am goin Australia--Sydney (which i been 3 times already haha) and Cairns.

                              Next year mid also Australia because my bf is finishing his studies so trying to finish touring australia asap haha then we wont ever step into that country again =p

                              And I will be changing job next future uncertain=savings uncertain, very hard to plan. If I cant find a job then I will head for a tour in Brazil!!!
                              If not probably new job wont be as my present job which give me 28 days leave a year hahaha...