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click here if you're a self-declared make-up junkie like me

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  • click here if you're a self-declared make-up junkie like me

    My first FOTD...I'm a terribly boring person . Bleahz, and I always stick to the same old boring blah colors.. Please do tell me how I can improve..Sorry for the lousy photo quality though..I think my eyes look freaky with the violet contact lens..

    Revlon Colorstay Stay Natural in 02 Buff
    Revlon Skinlights in 01 Natural Light
    Bourjois Loose Powder in 02 Sable
    Bourjois Blush in 34 Rose D'or
    Missha Eye Glam Powder in Grass Green (dusted lightly all over the face for a shimmery effect)

    One coat of Shu Uemura Lash Repair
    Two coasts of Shu Uemura Basic Mascara (waterproof) in Black on upper lashes
    Shu Uemura Lash Curler (pre-heated with a hairdryer :notti: )

    Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown (upper eyelash line)
    Mac Powerpoint in Tealo (upper eyelash line)
    ZA Eyeshadow in Shade 110, dark green (upper eyelash line)
    Missha Shine Stick Shadow in Ice (used all over the eye)
    Missha Eye Glam Powder in Grass Green (outer corner of eye)
    Mac Powerpoint in Tealo (lower eyelash line)
    ZA Eyeshadow in Shade 110, light green (lower eyelash line)
    Missha Auto Eyebrown Pencil in Brown

    Missha Light Lip Gloss in Nude

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    Sophie You are so pretty!


    • #3
      U are lying!
      u are not a boring person at all!
      The colours are so beautiful on ur big round eyes!

      Very pretty!
      keep updating ur pics k?


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        wow.. your eyes are beautiful!!! loving your makeup... thinking that even with Missha colours , can achieve such nice effects!!


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          so pretty~! i perspire very easily so i hardly put any eyeshadow. the most i go is foundation, blusher, mascara n eyeliner~


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            Ooh.. Your eye MU's very pretty!


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              The makeup is far from boring. It is pretty indeed. How long did it take you to put all those colours on? It certainly took me long enough to just read the list!
              blending skills too


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                U have a pair of eyes, windows to a kind pretty soul. U are so many items at one time, sounds like a MU guru to me


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                  Not boring la! I wish, though, you'd capture a picture of your eyes closed so I can see how you blended all those stuff. Oh, and I wonder if brown eyes would look better. Were you also wearing violet lenses in your avatar?


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                    llucidity, Lil_Piggie, ray so so so much for the kind comments!!

                    alyssasara : I'm a sucker for cheap and good MU..haha..and Missha has pretty decent stuff

                    m00nAngel: Me too..which is why, I always stay in air-conditioned enviroment..I'm such a wuss..heh. I think I'll just melt if I'm under the sun for 2 minutes.

                    TinTin: Hmm..It takes me about 20 minutes max to do that makeup...which I think is still quite long.

                    vernis: Not really..arugh I'm very much a trial-and-error person..and this also means that I don't really dare to try new colors.. Would love to be able to learn how to do smokey eyes some day..

                    Glossie:Yep yep! I just realized that it actually looks pretty freaky up-close. I tried it with my non-colored lenses as well, but it couldn't bring out the vibrant-ness of the green ES as compared to my violet lenses.. My laptop just died on me, so I won't be able to add any more new pictures for the moment..

                    Blah..This is a little out of topic, but I just realized that CC has underwent a makeover! It looks so much prettier now.. And erm , it also shows how long I haven't been online...


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                      i thought it's blue contact lenses you have there, but nevertheless, i think the green really compliment your violet eyes. You got nice hair too !


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                        i just did a double take, oohh... your eyes are like Blythe dolls' amazing

                        u resemble an ex-colleague of mine, miss her ah


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                          hey alleycat777!!
                          hihi.. i like ur eye make up.. nice nice eyes!!!


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                            alleycat_777, when I clicked on your thread.. my frist thought was that.. you really look like an angel..

                            The whole combo is very pretty and girlish.. and I especially love your lips color..
                            By the way, your pictures make me want to go check out MAC PP Powerpoint in Tealo.. You used that on your lower eyelash line... Such a pretty color.


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                              is the za green e/s long lasting? or after a few hours, the colours will be gone?

                              thought of buying it since it looks so good on you!