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  • Newfangled makeup

    Hey cotters

    I have come to notice this recent hype over illuminators, highlighters, bronzers and accentuating colour sticks.

    I termed em as "newfangled makeup"

    Do we really need all these stuff? To me a basic makeup base, compact, blusher, eyelash curler,eye shadow,mascara,lip gloss,sometimes lip liner is more than enough for Singapore's swelthering weather!!!

    Gosh when does one find the time to use highlighters when one is rushing for sch and work?!!!

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    It boils down to whether are you willing to make time. IMO - the 'will to' makes anything - even frills and the impossibles, possible.

    These stuff can be easy to use, for powder ones, I use a fluffy brush and brush all-over in 2-3 takes. Less then 5 secs


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      Actually, it doesn't take that long to apply highlighter or illuminating makeup. It takes around the same time i need to apply blusher. Moreover, the effects will make you feel much better! Such makeup can also accentuate your better features & make you look prettier. All in the price of the neverending quest for beauty & vanity, so why not?


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        I wonder, too.

        Look this girl:

        Tell me it didn't take her at least an hour to turn out so glowy! :booty:

        Or maybe my skills really suck


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          if the highlighter is in a powder compact form, why should it take more time to apply than blusher?

          even if it's in liquid/cream blusher, it's really no different from applying liquid/cream blusher.

          i do avoid these items unless i'm going to a black tie event at night, because i realised as i got older, such looks really look less and less flattering.


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            Originally posted by Glossie
            Tell me it didn't take her at least an hour to turn out so glowy! :booty:
            One enlightened attempt at applying my MMU one day nearly got me that kind of results. And the foundation was too pale for me even, as long as my neck isn't seen, the face looked great.


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              Ah the word "nearly" is not nearly good enough, Nging Buffing MMU does take slightly longer than usual, for me. That's why lazy me couldn't really be bothered these days.


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                How true.. Nowadays, i stick to powder formulas cos they're faster to blend. Plus, i usually only apply a very light layer before i rush out..


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                  no, highlighter for me is the easiest step!!! i don't even need a mirror, i can do it while walking away from my car!!
                  i have benefit moonbeam, which is liquid, a sheer goldy colour..
                  i swipe some on my finger from the bottle, and as i'm walking, just blend over my cheekbones! a bit like applying sunscreen..

                  i find it's a good step to add, for that glowing radiance and "bone structure" look.. maybe it's all in my mind.. =)