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Know any Good hairdressers for layering?

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  • Know any Good hairdressers for layering?

    Can anyone recommend me hairdresser that gives good, lots of texture, layering?

    I saw an article in a magazine about some shop in Far east but can't find that magazine anymore.

    Any shop will do for now.
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    I'm not sure which shops the magazine mentioned. But i heard many raves on Ken from Supercut is good at Far east.


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      kelvin from reds @ bugis....


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        Gina Leong from Flash @ paragon.


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          I went to her a few times. My friends liked her but not me. Maybe my hair is thin to start with. So that's not the kind of layering i want. She charges around 30$ for haircut. plus minus 1$ or 2$. cant really remember. It's been a long time since I last visited her.


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            Go and look for Chris at Hair Plan!!!

            I used to cut my hair at Gorgeous by Clara, I like it but somehow i feel i needed a change.

            So, i asked another long-haired cotter where she cut her hair, she recommended me Hair Plan, apparently she has been going there many years.

            Here's the details:-
            Hair Plan Hair & Beauty Salon
            14 Scotts Rd #05-87 Far East Plaza Tel : 6250 6966

            For long hair is $38 (wash and cut)

            I like it soooooo much that i pester my SO to cut his hair there. We just did that yesterday. It's nice as well. For guys is $28. He has ditched his uncle hairstyle and look 10 years younger now.

            We took photo stickers yesterday to commemorate the day.

            btw, try to make an appointment in advance cos his hands has been cutting non-stop.


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              wow! Vel both of you are so cute! hahaha....

              I'm contemplating to go for a haircut at kimage prof at funan by yang yang. My friend thinks shes good and neat! haha....but my friend's hairstyle always changes..very funky..all cut by her.....

              She cuts assymetrical hairstyles..very nice! haha. Now im thinking whether i should go hairplan for a trial or maybe the next round....hmm

              RAY: I think she's good on thick it short or long.....but i just don't like her way of cutting..its like layering and layering w/o considering your hair texture or face shape....turns out ok . Not say fantastic. I think the hairstyle is very normal...and for that price, not really worth it....For that price you could have gone Reds or any other better salons....
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                This Chris is a he. LoL!

                He advised me to recolor my roots, cos i still have my hair color at the hair ends. It's $88.

                I did see many other customers do coloring jobs.

                How abt you try Gorgeous to color your hair. They are good but very very expensive. It costs me $332 or $322 to cut-treatment-highlight 2 tones.


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                  Yes Chris, it's for long hair too.

                  Gorgeous Hair Studio
                  14 Scotts Rd #03-10 Far East Plaza
                  Tel : 6734 5767

                  Appointment recommended. IMO Clara is better for long hair, ask for her. I have the Gorgeous card which entitles the cardholder for 15% discount. PM me if you want it, i can post to you. Cos i don't think i'll be going to Gorgeous anytime soon.

                  There's a Gorgeous hair salon thread, you can read there for more info.


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                    I cut my hair in a salon in Le Meridian Hotel, IIRC Sissorshand Salon. There's a stylist call May and she's pretty good at layering. I am very satisfied after every haircut so far.


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                      my regular hairstylist had her own saloon done up in her own house....a little far at farrer park but its always worth the trip.....she will never recommend to colour my hair cos its a little dry and when i wanted some "colour" she highlighted a few strands instead...


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                        YUP! That's the one! Thanks.

                        Originally posted by ray
                        Is this the one? Saw this article in her world magazine.

                        Annie Poh of J Salon
                        #05-117 Far East Plaza
                        Tel : 6235-0622


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                          how much do they charge?

                          Originally posted by artichoke
                          I cut my hair in a salon in Le Meridian Hotel, IIRC Sissorshand Salon. There's a stylist call May and she's pretty good at layering. I am very satisfied after every haircut so far.