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    I remembered there used to be a thread like this, but i can't find it now. Mods, if you found it, pls merge thread...

    1) Stila Jade Blossom palette to complement my Creme bouquet palette.

    Shu M Beige 800 e/s and Stila bohemian sage trio, i loooove the box!!

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    no pictures, but got the kiehls tinted lipbalm, nars desire, mac sweet sage, paula dorf flash cream blush, stila #8 brush recently


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      :wow: OMG! Christmas has come early for me. Received a wonderful package from a lovely lady.

      - MF 2000 calorie mascara x 2
      - Labello lip balm x 2
      - MAC pigment sample (tan and old gold)
      - Extras (Wild and Crazy e/s)


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        Received MAC Celebrity Pink, Miracle vital spray (extra) so sweet!, Shu ME 370 e/s and 4 MAC 4-Pan Palettes!

        Am a happy girl!


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          Vel, Labellos are really good! I love them!!

          My swap package 2 days ago was MAC parrot. Waiting for more to come.


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            I haven?t torn the packages of the Labello lip balms. Think I?ll leave one in my office, while I keep the L?Occitane in my makeup pouch. I just can?t wait to try it. Tell you a secret, I?m a copycat. Shhhh?. I wanted Labello after reading your raves on it. And Max Factor?s raves were from Livia. Hahaha?

            Parrot is really cool. I had that in one of those holiday LE palette and in a pot itself. Can?t bear to part with it.

            Btw, I?ve finally hunted down the MAC Metamorph e/s. It?s lovely!


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              past week: mac beau quad, curiositease lippie, shu strawberry souffle palette, mac pink swoon blush, shu p30a blush, mac tempt me palette

              very very happy, especially since i've been hunting for the mac quads for quite sometime. can't wait for more swaps!


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                been on a mac piggie swap craze.. got myself rose, kitschmas, all girl and golden olive piggies


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                  Diana, I've got all the above pigments and they're really lovely!!

                  Rec'd D'Bohemia e/s today.. abit slow but I so regretted not getting it before it went OOS!


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                    I got Becca creme blush in Frangipani and have a few fragrances in the mail e.g. L'occitane Honey Gentle Water, Serge Lutens Chergui decant, Bissy's Boutique Butterscotch Caramel, S&L Sex on the Beach!

                    Can't wait !

                    Are Labellos that good?


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                      I'm also on a piggie craze, received melon, rose bronze, green, maroon and for my friend blue and fuschia. Receieved matt white as an extra. Thanks Jean!


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                        I'm not that fond of Labellos either. It was quite popular in Germany and I bought it, but as what happybean said, I found it quite drying and dont glide well. In addition, its not lasting too.
                        Love my Vaseline. The only thing that keep my lips from cracking. Literally.


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                          I've just received my 3 pureluxe Aura eyeshdaows in a swap. So pretty! And she gave me 22 other mineral eyeshadows as extras! Sooo generous!


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                            Originally posted by stefanic
                            I've just received my 3 pureluxe Aura eyeshdaows in a swap. So pretty! And she gave me 22 other mineral eyeshadows as extras! Sooo generous!
                            Wow...... Who did you swap with???


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                              Haha do let me know if S&L Sex on the Beach is good???

                              Just got Skindazzle's whipped body frosting in grandma's candy dish, lipgloss and coco peach.
                              Loving Grandma's candy dish... smells like 'After Eight' chocolate delicious...

                              I'm waiting for my bpal stuffs, khiels sunscreen, avon lippies and mark blush~
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