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    Did a board search & cant find a thread on this brand.

    Has anyone tried any products from this line? Rant/ raves? Their packaging is pretty cute!

    Sephora website carries it.

    There is a website that ships internationally. uk website

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    Hi, I love their products. Went to their makeover once and ended up buying the lip gloss. Their lipgloss, blush stick and mascara are quite famous. My favourite gloss color is 'bite my cherry'. i prefer this over stila lipglaze( I still like stila lipglazes and have about 15 of them. ) I like the flush blush and mascara too but feel they are quite pricey. HTH.
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      I have Pout's blushes in Berry Babe and Apricot Totty as well as the e/s duo Miss August. The eyeshadow was good, quite pigmented and long-lastng. Am currently lemming the new duos in Mis England, Scotland and Wales. The blushes are quite good too, pigmented and shimmery but not as shimmery as Nars blushes. For US$20, you get a lot of product (12g which is double that of MAC and four times that of Stila) and the light green metal case with the pink fishnet design on top is very sleek. I don't really like the e/s duo cardboard packaging though.


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        thanks apple_happy & iris. lemming those eyeshadow duos too! but like apple happy mentioned...prices are very high in aust & strangely enough the last collection (where they had Miss egypt) isnt even out in stores yet...

        iris, you get someone to help you cp from the states?


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          I was browsing through Sephora and was really intrigued by the eyeshadow duos! I really like the names of the duos too
          I was wondering that these are similar to too faced duos?


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            I have access to Pout here in London and if anyone wants a CP from the Pout store at Covent Garden or from the counter at Harvey Nichols-just drop me a line


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              Originally posted by nutty
              iris, you get someone to help you cp from the states?
              Yup, I get a friend in the US to help me order from Sephora and then mail them to me. I like ordering from Sephora as you can get 3 samples per online order and free shipping for over US$75 for within the US.


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                I got my first Pout blusher from London and it's so expensive as compared to Sephora. Got Apricot Totty and Berry Babe and I love both colours! Like Haru said, they're very pigmented and 1 brush goes a long way. It lasts on me the whole day too! I must admit that I got drawn by it's cute name and the lovely packaging. The blusher is packed in this very slim and lovely compact green case with this very lovely lace print on it.

                Oh yah, I adore the cute packaging for the lip plump! It's packed in this fat little transparent bubble cushion, with black lace printed on it! But it's so expensive for a lip gloss! No doubt it promises to plump up your lips!


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                  I have their e/s duo, quite okie. But I would say I like their lip gloss, I have in "Bite My Cherry" (bubblegum pink) and "Fluff My Feathers" (coral shade). They are somewhat like Baby Pink IMO. Packaging is nice, so another plus factor.

                  Would love to try more of their e/s duos.


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                    they have a standalone webbie now

                    packaging is SOOO cute!!!!!!


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                      I have the foundation..
                      yep the packaging is so cute.. I heard the mascara is good.. haven't try yet though..


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                        blackstar can you please review the foundation ? Which color did you use and if using MAC found what color are you.

                        V interested to get the foundation ... how much does it cost in Australia?



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                          hi fellow indo cotter :D

                          I bought the foundie when they was having sale.. around 20 bucks.. it's cheap.. I think the original price is around $40..

                          the foundation gives natural look finish which is good.. in a cool day it last quite long.. I wore it for 8 hours and still looked okay.. but maybe in a hot day it wont last as long.. havent try yet..
                          however the coverage is only about sheer to medium, it doesnt really cover up the imperfections..


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                            blackstar you're an indo cotter as well?

                            When did they usually have the sale? Is it during the end of season sale? Which color are u using rite now? And how much is the e/s duo cost in oz?

                            AUD 40 is not that bad, cause they're selling it for $30 in US, I thought they're going to overpriced it alot. Espescially if they have regular sale ... I wonder if they're going to have sale during the boxing day?



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                              Anyone tried their flush blush? The one that comes in a stick?
                              I'm more of a liquid blush user, like to use my fingers instead of the powder ones that require a puff.