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Verda ~ Stila Fall Makeover 9th Sept

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  • Verda ~ Stila Fall Makeover 9th Sept

    Hi Ladies,

    Its been a while since I post my pictures as I been so lazy to edit the pictures that I taken of myself and my friends.

    Since I managed to hop over to Stila for a makeover last friday, I would like to share with you a picture of my makeover using the Stila Fall Collection - Peach Palette.

    Pardon the clarity of the pictures as I took it using my Hp Camera so i guess the color of the makeover was not that obvious

    Have a nice day everyone

    Last edited by Verda; 12-09-2005, 06:16 PM.

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    very natural & sweet. u do resemble Xu Qi abit ah Star Factor


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      Wow! Your face is glowing and it looks flawless! So pretty!


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        Vernis > *blush* Thanks for your compilements. I am just a plain jane.

        shazzerlyn > hee. thanks. I think its just the makeup. My face is not flawless in nature.


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          Pretty pretty! I like how your earrings look on you. Did u buy the stila palette in peach in the end?


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            hazefree2002 > Hey thanks. I got the earrings from FEP. As for the stila peach palette, I am still debating against my wallet.


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              :wow: Verda u're such a babe!

              No need to be so humble cos u look really good!

              The pic u took is very dreamy... Like u're an angel of sorts!
              I like ur avatar too!!