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    Dear Cotters,
    I once had a very bad experience at Scissor Hand at Le Meridien. I went there for a hair cut but it turn out to be disasterous!!! This is the worst hair cut that I have ever EVER EVER experience in my life.
    The person who cut my hair was the director of Scissor Hand... I told him that I would just like to trim my hair, I do not like it to be too short, but it did just the OPPOSITE. I told him that my fringe can't be cut too short because it retracts after, but he did just the OPPSOSITE! So, i end up having this punk style hair cut!!!! Gosh! That was terrible
    Anyone have similar experiences, please do share with us, cotters, so we know where not to go..


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    My aunt and I cut our hair there. Our sytlist is May and she's quite good with shoulder-length hair and long hair. So far, we have been satisfied with our haircut and treatments. I have never let anyone else touch my hair in that salon. I know there's this stick thin lady who is pretty careless in that salon. When she was highlighting my hair, she got my face and neck all stained. After that incident, I told them I want no one else to touch my hair except for my stylist.


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      hi kittysandy

      may i know whos your stylist? i used to visit this salon when they were in clementi..the stylist name is leong. think hes the boss im not too sure.

      his cut is soso only to me..nothing fantastic.


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        I think it is Leong the director now ...I been there twice for treatment because they offer corporate rates. attended by May, find her pretty okay, not fantastic though


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          i think its the same salon then..leong is a very nice and polite guy but too bad i didnt like his cutting.


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            Yup! You are right! His name is leong. He is the director there.. He does a awful job for me Now i dun dare to step into that salon anymore. But of course he is very nice and polite, but still my hair was in a great mess


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              oh..hope u are feeling better now.
              my mum told me when they were in clementi alot of girls like to have their hair cut by him..

              i think he has like 10 years or more of cutting experience..visited that salon when i was in my teens.


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                my fren did her dye+highlight just now, and the result was not bad. her stylist;s May.

                haircut's only SDG15 if im not wrong


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                  Hmm.. looks like May can do a better job that that director huh?? BUT i suppose now i am a little afraid to go back there already...