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Eye makeup for sensitive eyes

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  • Eye makeup for sensitive eyes

    I have sensitive eyes (contact lens wearer) and I often end up with itchier eyes on the days I wear eye makeup. Can anyone recommend me any brands that are suitable for sensitive eyes?

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    do u mean eyeliner, eyeshadows?

    I have sensitive eyes too
    so far eyeliners i can use are MAC and Stila.

    i steer clear of mascara


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      Hi, i am abit of sensitive side too. IMO all MU do contain trace amount of irritant no matter how 'pure' the label/item is. just practise pre-caution, don't apply too near to your lids. My problem also lies in improper removal. While cleansing eye MU, do use a 'mild on eye area but power enough' removal. Missha Cleansing Water works for me.


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        Thanks - been noticing the rave about MAC and tempted to try but not sure if my eyes can take it. Mascaras are a no-no for me as well. I have short eyelashes anyway - not much curl impact:-) I mean both eyeliner and eyeshadows. Do you use waterproof eyeliners? I find that those irritate my eyes more.


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          Maybelline's Eye & Lip M/U remover is a good mild one too.Doesn't sting when it gets into my eyes.