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    E.FunkHouser website

    My friend gave me a mascara from this brand, their range of the cosmetics looks pretty cool, even got glitter pencils!! Looks like a Tony n Tina duplicate to me.

    Anyone seen them before?

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    Isn't this under the MLM brand?
    My colleague who is in the MLM group has plenty of their stuff ... if you ask me for that quality. Its quite expensive. I find the makeup not pigmented enough as well.
    Then again its my 2 cents worth ....


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      Yup, the brand is under Amway. My friend keep telling me how good it is, have yet to try out to see. The glitter pencil is less than $30, i guess is not very expensive?


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        my colleague's in the Amway business. she brought the whole range for us to see and it didn't induce any wants. the variety is quite little too.

        jemay, have you tried the mascara?


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          frankly speaking

          no offence but i think the products are

          i've tried their pigments and its like not pigmented at all, the colours dun show and also it does not stay even if i use a make up base or a primier..

          their prices are a little too expensive..

          and i am also sick of some of the people i know who keeps on raving abt this product when they have not used it and yet keep on promoting it just so they can earn some commission for themselves..

          just my two cents


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            Michelle i havent try it yet. I will wear it tmrw

            Amelyn, i totally understand. I am wary of MLM people too, they r like crazy over their products