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    Hi girls, I just want to share an experience I've had at one of the local hair+beauty chains.

    I went in for a hair cut coz I wanted a shorter do and the $21.90 for all hair lengths got to me coz I was a cheapo... I looked thru the hairstyle magazine the hairstylist provided me with and I was intrigued by 2 styles. One a much shorter bob and the other, a shorter version of what I had prior to walking into the salon. I couldn't decide between the two and I don't think the hairstylist was very helpful...

    Probably because I was at the salon at 7.30pm and I caught him staring at his watch when he was waiting for me to decide which hairstyle I wanted...

    He was also real quick to show me a 'balding' spot on my head and asked me quite pointedly, "What happened to your hair? Can you see that it's got a patch of hairlessness? I wish to highlight to you that it's a serious problem."

    Uh huh...This coincidentally was also the first thing that he highlighted to me when he touched my hair-oily scalp, dandruff.

    And I had a similar experience when I went to one of the salons of the chain of salons they have and the first thing the girl who shampoooed my hair said was, "EE! Your hair so oily! If you don't take care, you'll end up with no hair!"

    Sighs...I thought getting your hair cut was supposed to be a pampering experience...It turned out to be quite different whenever I have a haircut at this hair salon. I've reminded my friend to club me on my head if I get tempted by whatever promotions they have again...

    O by the way, the $21.90 promotion does not include wash, dry and blow. Yeap, just club me on the head...

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    Lemme guess ...Je*n Y*p?


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      Sugarsweet: La la la la la...What do you think?

      I forgot to add that he cut my hair in lesser than 15 mins and I think it looks awful. Am gonna go to Chapter 2 - a place where they don't tell me I'm balding to rescue it next week. O and I'll do a scalp treatment for my oily scalp which I know I have but didn't need anyone to tell me in <i>that</i> manner.

      Yup yup.

      He was also rather eager to finish the haircut BUT could ask if I wanted to do a color job!


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        Arggh...I got a bad experience with this beauty chain too! Thought just want to trim & layer my LONG hair so the $21.90 seems a good deal..

        The hair stylist that cut my hair (she abit aunty) when she first started snipping off my hair I keep reminding her I want more layers and just trim 2 inch off my hair she said " yah yah.. you want to take up treatment package your hair quite oily" I rejected her offer...then she said "you want to do colouring" I told her "I don't think I am suitable for coloring now because pregnant" and she told me "then do colouring not near the scalp also can" I rejected her again...from then onwards she don't really bother to cut my hair properly she just snip and snip my hair happily without any styles at all my long hair (which used to reach below bra strap) now just touching shoulder!!

        Finally after cutting my hair she still ask me want to sign a package with them for 6 sessions of hair cut. I will kill myself if I let her touch my hair ever again!! Now I just console myself its a good time to cut my hair short (since pregnant) else I really don't want to step out of the house!


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          *hug* *hug*

          I'm sorry to hear of your lousy experience at the beauty chain...

          Sighs, we can only try to make things good as they come along. Like you said, it's not that bad considering that you are pregnant! And yes yes, I think the shorter hair would definitely help during pregnancy.

          Enjoy the pregnancy and forget all about the aunty at the beauty chain.