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Facial skin Dilemma - Help!

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  • Facial skin Dilemma - Help!

    A Big Hello to All,
    New member here & this is my very first post. I?m in a dilemma as my wedding is in less than 2 months time & I?m very concern about my facial skin. I?m having one pimple popping one after another & my skin is getting scarred by the day. I?m currently using Biotherm products. For zits, I just started using this ointment, which is prescribes by my family doctor. I signed for facial a few months (using Dermalogica products) but I?m not sure if the extraction is helping out or actually worsening my skin conditions.

    I was recommended to 3 clinics. One is Maple clinic, I have read the thread on it & the feedback is positive. Another is SYY clinic, - from her own experience; she said it is very good. I have made an enquiry call, a one time consultation alone is $65 excluding the products. Another is at Punggol clinic. Cheaper & effective as well. I also went for a free consultation at Makeover clinic; & the doctor who is also a qualified gynecologist recommended me laser peel.

    I have try microdermabrasion at Bioskin. As per what the doctor at Makeover clinic has said, I could not see any obvious result beside my face is slightly smoother & brighter (which did not last long). But for YAG laser peel, he claimed I could see dramatic result from just 1 session. Before I commit & invest more money (I?m already dry thanks to my facial & other skincare products ), I will appreciate your opinions on any above. I will update this post later with a photo of my skin for review. Thank you all.

    *To moderator, you may kindly move this post to the correct thread if a related topic has been opened. Thank you!

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    I would say go on birth control pills if you can. This will probably minimise/stop your breakouts. Roaccutance would probably be too strong for you at this moment, as it will cause skin peeling.'ll need more than 2 months to see the effects of it.


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      Went to both SYY and Punggol before. Punggol is a waste of money for me. think the medications are too mild or so for my stubborn pimple-prone skin.

      SYY did much help for my case. though expensive but cleared up my sudden eruptions in 2-3 weeks. products effectiveness remain stagnant after using them for 1 or 2 years. thus switched some to DRX products.

      Maybe you can try the facial at DRX and some of its products?


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        Thanks for replying. I have taken nimegen before & the skin does improve but I could not stand the side effect - depression. Maybe there is any other alternative pills instead? For skincare products, I have used like 4-6 months without any significant result.


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          Hi Joyzz,
          For SYY, did they prescribe pills as well? How much is their products by the way?


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            As far as facial is concern, I too suggest you're better of going to DRX than normal salon even if it's using Dermalogica. The different between the 2 is the machines used during the process.

            But don't expact any kind of relaxing massages from DRX becuase they're not meant to be facial salon where you get pampered but a treatment centre for skin problem with in-house dermatolagists. No doubt, these days many doctors, surgeons realiase, skin care and slimming services are getting very popular and started to provide similar services.


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              Yes i was given RoAccutane. My first one-time consultation was a student rate thus only $15. Got myself home - cleanser, toner, day cream, night cream, whitener, vit-c pills, 10 pills of roaccutane, sunblock. total up near to $400.
              And i'd recommended DRX too.