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  • Simple Everyday Look FOTD

    Been really busy with work nowadays.. So I've been sporting the fuss-free look for work! Anyway, here's 2 recent pictures that I took.

    Olay Complete
    Alima MMU
    NYX Concealor in a Jar
    TF Illuminate Powder

    Quick swipes of EDM Siesta

    MAC Blitz n Glitz Fluidline
    AVON Astonishing Lengths mascara
    NYC Browser

    Watsons Magic Lips (awesome!)

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    I'll have the honor of posting the 1st post in your personal thread.
    Heeeee.... Another pretty lady in Cozycot!!

    Btw the 2, i prefer FOTD 2, more fresh looking.
    Beaute de Kose Eyeshadow Kit in Lime Fizz => is this a single e/s or e/s palette?

    U look sooooooooo slim, remind me of a ballerina.


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      CG, I'm not slim at all!
      Beaute de Kose Eyeshadow Kit in Lime Fizz is a Quad actually.


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        ohhh.. nice nice!!! another pretty lady ... i like your face shape!


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          hee.. are u a model?

          you have nice features & good skin, your eye MU & lashes are terrific

          btw, where's the horror part, sweetie???


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            next time you must also take pic with eyes open too... from the pic I think you have BIG EYES!!
            flawless makeup... nice


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              Thank you alyssasara!

              vernis, I'm not a model or anything like that. I just love make-up.. I've been around in CC for quite some time.. but only recently, I became really active in posting. Hope to share more with all you wonderful ladies here.

              GG, thank you. I will do so next time. I'm a Malay.. so I'm born with bulging eyes.
              I like narrow eyes.. the Sandy Lam type of eyes.
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                you just look like some celebrity off the screen


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                  nice make-up!
                  And yes, i do envy ur distinctive facial structure!


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                    vernis... hehehe..
                    mint_infused, thank you. I'm still learning.


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                      woahhhhh u have gorgerous eyes....eyelids....
                      it makes color so define!!! *envY*

                      very nice!!


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                        Thank you Alya.
                        You don't have to be envious.. You got pretty eyes too!


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                            :wow: u have such nicely shaped eyes!
                            Could u take pics when ur eyes is open so that we can also see the overall effects of ur amazing makeup skills?

                            Hey how can u not be slim ur arm is so small! *envy*


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                              Thanks llucidity! You're hotness yourself!

                              Lil_Piggie, Thanks for your comments.. and don't worry.. I will do post my eyes in the future.. Thanks for telling me.. Sometimes, I'm so rushed in the morning.. always forget to take pictures of my MU with my eyes open.
                              GG already told me to post my eye looks with my eyes open. I've taken pictures of my FOTD today (open eyes' picture guaranteed. hehe).. I will post them online tonight, hopefully, if I'm not lethargic. Errr... I seriously don't know how come my arm turn out to look like that. Must be the positioning of my arm. No need to envy, I'm not skinny, HONEST! I'm fleshy everywhere!!