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  • Hey deebz!
    I had my digital perm done by Clarence over @ Mine's Salon at Far East Plaza some time back.
    Your hair is already quite straight right??


    • YES, but i want something different. okay ill check the place out! thanks yah


      • deebz, then you should consider a digital perm! It's a totally new look.. !
        Keep me updated if you decides to go for one!


        • your strong hair colour makes you stand out, your MU makes you stand 'outer' really pretty, let mamasan you


          • haha, you are such influence.

            i actually went to watsons today and bought the watsons magic lip in pink. btw, i seldom go to watsons as usually i get stuff from haha. and also the inconvinience since i do not have a watsons nearby. [i stay at yewtee, they have a big big guardian though at the mrt. ]

            anyways, to happier stuff.
            the moment i reached home, i used it, since my lippie for the day, most of it have came off. so my lips are bare when i used it.
            it turns my lips so pink that i look like barbie!!!!haha.but i just did one overall swipe. hmm, i guess my lips are already pink. then make it pinkier.

            getting used to the pink hotness.

            it is cheap though $3.95 (:


            • mamasan, thank you!!!

              deebz, i just love cheap thrills! this stuff is awesome! just a quick swipe.. and my lips will turn slightly pinkish/berryish (love love the color!).. think the color will look different on everyone depending on our skintones and all.. and yeah it's dirt cheap!!


              • heys how do you remove it. i washed my face and all, the makeup removal process, but right, the pinkness still stay on today and i am not wearing makeup today. it is meant to be like that?


                • deepz, i normally just use my normal makeup remover to clear it off.. and if there's still some pinkness at my lips, i just brushed my lips.


                  • wow very pretty!


                    • Originally posted by pinklipgloss View Post
                      Yup! That's the one! Turns my lips into such a sweet shade of pink. Love it.. and it's dirt-cheap too! Less than 3 bucks a pop!
                      hahaha. I actually hated it.
                      I have full lips and it works so well it turned my lips into this hot pink colour (like those bandung rose syrup). Looks a bit scary on me.

                      I envy ppl with thinner lips. Can wear these tinted lip balms and look nice.


                      • to vivavoomz! ahha, i think same case as you ***! my lips are full, then i look like barbie. haha.


                        • norizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz missed you!!!
                          how are you? havent seen you online for so long!!

                          i think before watsons came out with the magic thing, i tried before lipice's. looks abit fake on me somehow hahaha like HOT PINK! and cant remove well. anyway i was much younger than (few years ago), cant remember the effect much already.

                          maybe i should go buy one and try huh?


                          • haha. YA... the problem with Magic lips is that once you apply, it stains your lips. And you cannot remove it. =p So imagine my horror when i saw my lips were hot pink and no matter how i rub, it doesn't come off. -.-'

                            I bought Lipice version too. haha. I think it's less bright. Watson's one was scary. lol...

                            It's funny I got these tinted balms when i generally can't wear them. Bummer...


                            i took out my Magic Lips to play at 3 am. -.-'

                            Upon application, lips turn a nice rosy colour. And then it darkens and darkens getting into a very intense bright pink colour.

                            I guess it can look very nice and sexy if you have well-defined lips. And you must be able to wear bright pink lippies. haha. I really think i dun suit them. *sighs*

                            I guess it's cheap thrill. I bought it when it was new on the shelf, at $2. Can't complain. :p
                            Last edited by vivavoomz; 12-09-2008, 03:29 AM.


                            • Hehehe.. On me, it doesn't turn into a such a hot bright pink.. just very nice pink.. on some of my friends, it turn into another gorgeous shade of pink.. or more reddish. Hehe. Anyway, I still love it at the moment.. as it really moisturises my lips... especially during the fasting month now.

                              toxik, I missed you too!! I've been really busy at work and with the fasting month.. but I'm around.. just less posting, I guess.


                              • that is not simple to me..