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    Hi girls!

    How do you get rid of body fuzz (eg leg, underarm hair)?
    Do you shave, wax, use delipatory creams or pluck your way to fuzz-free days?
    I pluck my underarms but i get 'bumps' later, is this normal?
    Can anyone share their experience/products used?

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    i normally shave cos plucking is too painful for me... but i think shaving will have ingrown hair... Lucky, i do not have that much ingrown...

    I thought of waxing but the thought of having to let the hair on the underarm grow long enough for waxing kinda puts me off...


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      there is a new kind of electic shaver that pluck your fuzz off. It pluck very fast and I use it to pluck my leg and underarm fuzz. Thru it hurt a little but it confirm do it clear and no ingrown hair. Try philips brand better you go to women beauty section in personal care. I am using HP 6462/00 model.


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        Thanks yuki-ki and paperstar!
        I will try the philips electric shaver, sounds interesting!
        How much is it? is it battery-operated or need to plug to socket?


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          all use socket. But the one that I use got battery recharge.


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            The electric thingy mentioned is not a shaver, it is an epilator. I use HP 6479 from Philips. Not too bad, it comes with an ice cooler that minimizes the irritation caused to the skin. Epilating feels like receiving tiny electric shocks. Personally, I prefer waxing as it's less painful! BUT.... the ice cooler works pretty well for me.


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              whether we will get ingrown or not by still depends on individual.. a good friend of mine has been using epilator for about 4 years and she has pretty bad ingrown hair on her legs.. after seeing her's i did not want to use it. so i shaved everyday when i bathe ,althought this way is not the most convenient, and luckily i didn't have much ingrown, only a lil bit on my knees and not on other areas