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Shiatsu facial - any recommendations?

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  • Shiatsu facial - any recommendations?

    I'm looking for someone who does shiatsu facials - I once read of a guy called Terry (I think) who learnt the real Japanese style, but I don't know where that article is now, so can't locate him - He does both body shiatsu, as well as facial shiatsu.

    Does anyone have such a contact?

    Also - what about hard, facials - almost like lympathic, but very ,very hard presurre-point type of facial in which the therapist almost pinches and pokes your face. I know it sounds terrible, but I think it might be good for preventing saggy skin, which I'm always scared of.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Is it at all similar to Tui Na, the chinese method used in St Greg's Spa at UOB? Just curious..


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      is it accu pressure facial massage? lympathic massage?


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        THE SHIATSU SCHOOL- Terry Liew, Principal of The Shiatsu School. I know he charged $150/hour for body massage.


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          Thanks so much - do you know where the Shiatsu school is?


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            Is at 280 River Valley Road. Tel :. 68361231.Heard that his student charged $70/h for the shiatsu massage. Let me know if you try their facial,ok?


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              I recently read a nice article on shiatsu. It is very authentic and seems written by some expert . Shiatsu self massage techniques for your facial beauty | Bye Bye Doc

              I am following it for 6 weeks and i have success with it.Try it with confidence.


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                shiatsu is it really as good as they are spoken about?