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sn0wny's Bangkok Trip - 13 - 15 Oct 2005 including food

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  • sn0wny's Bangkok Trip - 13 - 15 Oct 2005 including food

    Can you see the Anna Sui display inside ( I look so tired, just reach Bangkok )

    Big C complex opp World Trade

    Big Bowling Pin found outside the entrance of World Trade Center

    How to miss this delicious Baskin Robbins ice-cream?

    Haha outside Mac'Donalds

    Can't miss wanton mee

    Eat together with the braised pork trotters

    Realise that Halloween is quite a big thing there

    Can't miss this, delicious noodles

    Suan Lum Night Market

    My last meal at Bangkok at this resturant call Tom Yum opp the street outside D'Ma Hotel

    Catfish Salad

    Sweet & Sour Prawn

    Special Omelette

    Waiting for flight at Bangkok airport, going home l.oh, miss my doggie so much

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    Hi snowy! wats there to get at Big C? wondering if i shld go there


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      Nothing much, a few shops with a shoe shop on level one. Unless you want Boots, they have one outlet there. Big C is a big supermarket like Giant. They close quite late so it can be your last stop. I think close around 11pm.


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        U r making me so hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          Oops, sorry.


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            Big C's foodcourt is huge more food!!!!

            Tom Yam Restaurant is highly raved but i didn't try when i stayed at D'Ma the last time, wasted.

            Anna Sui is at Isetan? what has happened to Zen? heard already ceased operation


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              Nope, Zen is still around. Still a lot of bras. :wow:


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                Hehe.. Next time post more pictures of your pretty face instead of so much on food okie? Such a sweet face's not meant to be hidden *tummy growling*


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                  Thanks for the pictures. I didn't know that BKK stocks Anna Sui! Does it have the jewellery too?


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                    Do you go shopping in heels too?!


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                      Heh, what's wrong with going shopping in heels. As long as the shoes/sandals is comfortable, a little heel won't hurt much, imo.


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                        u misunderstood.. because for me, i can't stand to walk in heels whole day.. will get backache..


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                          No misunderstanding here. That's why I put the heh in front of my message. I can totally understand how some people cannot stand heels (like my colleagues) but I'm one of the kinds who can't stand walking without heels for a whole day. Go figure


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                            I can run, dance in heels, no problem. Maybe I am used to it, I can't wear flats whole day instead.


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                              the Special Omelette is